Kyōko Hashimoto ( Japanese: 橋本杏子 , Hepburn: Hashimoto Kyōko ) is a Japanese model, pink film actress and an early adult video (AV) star.

Life and career

AV debut

Hashimoto was born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan on February 15, 1964. [4] She entered the adult video (AV) industry as early as 1984 with the video 3 Sisters Live Performance for the Boxland company. [5] She also performed in a second Boxland video in 1984, Honban gāru anzu, chomechome sarechatta no Hashimoto Kyōko . [6] Another early work was the 1986 Sexy Video Club 16 for the pioneering AV studio Cosmos Plan. [7]

In the mid to late 1980s she also appeared in a number of hardcore uncensored underground ("urabon") photobooks. [8]

Pink film

By late 1985, she was working in pink film , with a role in director Sachi Hamano's Misshitsuhen Taichōkyō ( 密室変態調教 ) which was released in October 1985 by Million Film. [9] Two months later she appeared in the Nikkatsu Roman Porno film Zetsurin gal: Yaruki mun mun directed by Yojiro Takita. [10] Hashimoto again worked with director Takita in the March 1986 Nikkatsu Roman Porno production Za mania: Kaikan seitai jikken with a screenplay by Shirō Yumeno. [11] In June 1986, Hashimoto had the starring role in Sexy Battle Girls for Shintōhō Eiga, a takeoff on the mid-1980s television show Sukeban Deka , where she plays a high-school girl who battles an evil headmaster using her special sexual ability, the "Venus Crush". At the 8th Zoom-Up Film Festival in 1987, Hashimoto won the Best Actress award for her films in 1986. [4]

In another Shintōhō Eiga film, the 1987 Lesbian Harem directed by Tomoaki Hosoyama, Hashimoto played a lesbian who with her lover have decided to commit suicide but are instead enslaved by the queen of a lesbian realm. [4] In 1989, Hashimoto received further recognition for her pink film performances, garnering a Best Supporting Actress award at the first Pink Grand Prix ceremony for her work in the 1988 Genuine Masturbation: Finger Play and other films. [4] Among her other 1988 films was Last Cabaret , the second to last of Nikkatsu's Roman Porno series. The film, about a cabaret forced to close and the owner's daughter, who, depressed over the situation, searches for the club's former hostesses (Hashimoto among them), has been taken as a metaphor for the demise of the studio itself. [4] [4]

In 1989, Hashimoto performed in two pink film projects for director Masahiro Kasai and Cinema Ark. The first was the supernatural themed Abnormal Excitement: Nao Saejima in October, [4] which won Best Film of the year at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony. [4] Then she appeared in the November 1989 release Molester's Train: Get On from The Back! , [4] part of the long-running Molester's Train series. [4]

Hashimoto took one of the Best Actress awards for 1991 films at the Pink Grand Prix for her starring role in The Masturbating Lesbians , [4] which was directed by Yutaka Ikejima and distributed by Xces. [5] In the six years from late 1985 to the end of 1991, Hashimoto appeared in at least 90 films, many of them for the Shintōhō Eiga studio. [5] This was a period of crisis for the pink film industry largely caused by the advent of adult videos in Japan and Hashimoto was known as "the last pink actress" ( 最後のピンク女優 ), with the meaning that she was likely to be the last successful actress in the genre. [12]

Later career

In November 1992, Hashimoto had a featured role in a mainstream film, the superhero comedy Daikansho kamen ( 大感傷仮面 ) , [5] and in 1995 she had a small role as a reporter in the video (and later film) Weather Woman for director Tomoaki Hosoyama, with whom she had earlier worked in Lesbian Harem. [5]

Hashimoto had retired from the pink film scene [12] but returned in September 2002 when she once again teamed up with director Yutaka Ikejima in his Delivery Health Girl: The Moisture of Silken Skin where she played Akino, a delivery health girl ( call girl). [5] In November 2003, she starred in another pink film , Lesbian Mother-in-Law: Son Exchange with Motoko Sasaki. [5] [5]

Hashimoto also resumed work in adult videos in 2002 co-starring with Madoka Ozawa and Yumika Hayashi in the Moodyz production Shitamachi Mixed Bathouse Story . [5] Then from 2009 to 2012, she appeared in five videos for Attackers (including two entries in their "Slave Castle" series), all directed by Shinichi Kawamura. [5]

Pink films

Release Date Film Title Studio Director Notes
1986-06 Sexy Battle Girls Shintōhō Eiga Mototsugu Watanabe With Yukijiro Hotaru and Yutaka Ikejima
1987-04-18 Lesbian Harem Shintōhō Eiga Tomoaki Hosoyama With Reika Kano and Chiemi Akimoto
1989-10-13 Abnormal Excitement: Nao Saejima Cinema Ark / Xces Masahiro Kasai With Nao Saejima
1989-11-24 Molester's Train: Get On from The Back! Cinema Ark / Xces Masahiro Kasai With Yuka Ishihara