Kutafin Moscow State Law University ( MSAL ) ( Russian : Московский государственный юридический университет имени О. Е. Кутафина ) is a coeducational and public research university located in Moscow , Russia . It was founded on 1931. MSAL was renamed after Kutafin in 2012 and was then known as Kutafin University . Its current rector is Viktor Blazheev .


The university’s history starts in 1931 when Central correspondence courses on Soviet law were established. It developed initially as All-USSR correspondence institute of law assuring studies for a degree of law. A major part of Russian jurisprudence élite graduated from the University.

In December 2011, Kutafin Moscow State Law University celebrated its 80th anniversary. Today it is one of the largest law schools in Russia. [3]

Current activity

Kutafin Moscow State Law University has been specified as a model of an institution of higher education in the region and wider. Since its foundation the University has grown to become the University it is today, educating around 17,000 students; delivering courses that provide deep knowledge of the subject matters and relevant practical skills; making efforts to improve the law and legal institutions through teaching, research, and other forms of public service.

Kutafin Moscow State Law University is the core institution of the Legal Education Alliance that contributed significantly to the establishing of Educational and Methodological Organization within the purview of law.

Kutafin Moscow State Law University assured training and graduation of more than 180 thousand specialists of higher legal education, majority of alumni has resumed its extensive cooperation program with the university.

Presently, the educational process and scientific researches are guaranteed by 11 institutes, 5 branches and 30 departments. More than 20 schools of thought and scientific directions present the foundation of the University’s performance. The professorate and other faculty number about 1000 professors, with one corresponding member of the Russian University of Sciences included, over 190 Doctors of Science and 560 candidates of science, 33 Honoured Jurists of the Russian Federation, 16 Honoured Science Workers of the Russian Federation, over 100 honorary members of the University. Moreover, students receive training directly from Mr. Serkov, the First Deputy Head of the Supreme Court’s Chief, and Mrs. Novoselova, President of Intellectual Property Court. The faculty has been long committed to provide not only full tuition, but also intensive mentoring to develop tomorrow’s leaders and to prepare them for responsible and productive lives of the legal profession.


For years, University has been working with diligence to create a special offer in higher education in the region with establishing of a range of Institutes:

  • Institute of Law
  • Institute of International Law
  • Institute of Public Prosecution
  • Corresponding Law Institute
  • Institute of Court Expertise
  • Institute of Permanent Education
  • Institute of Additional Professional Education
  • Institute of Financial and Banking Law
  • Institute of Advocacy
  • Institute of Energy Law
  • Business Law Institute

International cooperation

Kutafin University is currently integrated into the world education as widening international cooperation is an important policy area in the University’s overall policy.

The University has established international relations with foreign institutes and think tanks of CIS countries, European and Asian nations and the United States of America. Interchange agreements were concluded with the Universities of Bonn, Potsdam, London and Wales. [4]

Staff and students

Currently the university employs more than 200 academics and 1,000 support staff. More than 16,000 undergraduates and 1,000 advanced degree candidates are enrolled.

Notable graduates