Jennifer "Jen" Miller (also known as Saint Reverend Jen and Reverend Jen — born Jennifer Miller on July 24, 1972 in Silver Spring , Maryland ) is an American performer , actress, writer, painter , director , preacher , and poet from Manhattan , New York City. [2] [3] In 2002 Miller was named the Village Voice's "Best D.I.Y. Go-Girl" in the category of "Over 21". [4]


Miller formerly wrote the I Did It for Science column for and writes a column entitled Diary of an Art Star for Artnet . She is also associated with several movements and projects that were launched as a response to various popular concepts. Some examples include the Anti-Slam open mike movement and the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant , with was founded to "counteract the objectification of the female body in art". [5] Miller has written multiple books such as Reverend Jen's Really Cool Neighborhood and has written for other projects such as The Adventures of Electra Elf and Fluffer , a low budget Public-access television show produced by Nick Zedd . [6]

Miller helped create the " Art Star " movement of performers, artists, poets, and other individuals centered around the Lower East Side of Manhattan . [7] She has also acted as the founder for several projects, such as the magazine Art Star Scene and with her former boyfriend Courtney Fathom Sell, co-founded ASS Studios . [2] Miller is also the curator of the Troll Museum, which collects history, toys, and memorabilia associated with the Troll doll . [9]

In June 2016 Miller was evicted from her rent-controlled apartment, and the troll museum dissolved. Misrahi Realty Corp reported , "Miss Miller was evicted because she hasn't paid rent for a year," Misrahi's chief finacial(sic) officer, Rohit Samai, tells Broadly at the company's Rivington Street office. "She owes like $19,000 and change in rent. It actually took us a year to get her evicted. An entire year. So that's all we can tell you. I mean, the court has all the records of this. The court notified her [saying], if you make your payment, on this date you will be evicted." Miller's response: "Of course I was behind on my fucking rent—my life went to shit this past year, But I'm someone who paid the rent on time for 20 years. Someone [from the management company]'s definitely been in here, since I don't eat fruit," she says. It's too expensive." [17]


Miller began the Anti-Slam movement at Collective: Unconscious in 1995 as a reaction to the Poetry Slam movement on the Lower East Side. [2] At a traditional poetry slam, performers are given a score of 1–10 by a panel of five judges, whereas at an Anti-Slam event performers are given a perfect score regardless of the content or quality of their performance.

On October 17, 2007, Miller announced that this performance would be the final anti-slam. [2] The following year, Miller revived the movement as a monthly event.


Stage performances

  • Housatrash (2000, as Joanie) [2]