Gislaine Fernandes de Sousa Leme (born 22 May 1986), best known as Júlia Paes , is a Brazilian model, singer and former adult actress.


Born in São Paulo , Gislaine started her career at 12 as model then, with stage name Michelle Alves , she appeared in the opening of the telenovela Belíssima in 2006 and took part at the 2007 summer edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week .

Dissatisfied with the name, she later chose the stage name Júlia Paes as a reference to actress Juliana Paes . Júlia attracted the attention of Brazilian media because of her romantic relationship with Thammy Miranda, daughter of singer Gretchen , [2] [3] then started a career in adult industry as actress and adult model. [3]

In 2009 she was elected by the newspaper A Folha do Motoristaas as "Queen of Taxi Drivers" and crowned by the Governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin . [4] The same year Paes paraded with the Samba School Praiana in the Carnival of Porto Alegre . [5]

In 2009, Júlia also started her music career as lead singer of "Sexy Dolls", a girl group inspired by Pussycat Dolls consisting of her, Carol Miranda and Sabrina Boing Boing. [6] [7] Júlia left "Sexy Dolls" at the end of the same year, motivated by the desire to develop other projects and with doubts about the direction the trio was taking. [8]

Júlia currently is a singer of forró genre. Her debut album was released in late 2010 and a follow up album was released at the end of 2011. [9] Julia also makes appearances as a DJ. [8]

Personal life

After becoming a born-again Christian , she finally left the porn industry in 2010, and married businessman Gabriel Ribeiro, with whom she had a daughter. [8]