Huobi (火币网) is a Chinese digital currency trading platform an exchange based in Beijing before, but Hainan province now. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

It is one of the largest digital currency exchanges in China, and has become one of the leading global digital asset exchange in the world. [8]

HuobiToken(HT) based on the Ethereum is the token used in Huobi.

Huobi Group has established compliance service teams in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

Global website:

Australia website:

Team Members

Chairman, Founder and CEO: Leon Li

COO: Jiawei Zhu

CTO: Xianfeng Cheng

CFO: Chris Lee

CSO: Simon Wu

CHO: Bessie Pang



In September, ·, the Bitcoin spot trading platform, is launched;
In November, · Huobi raised investment from ZhenFund and Angel Investment;
In December, · Huobi became China's largest digital asset trading platform with a cumulative turnover of over 30 billion RMB;


In April, · Huobi became the world's largest digital asset trading platform with a cumulative turnover of over 120 billion RMB;
In April, · raised investment from Sequoia Capital;


In April, · Huobi sponsored the "Digital Asset Research Project" at the Internet Finance Laboratory of Wudaokou Finance Institute of Tsinghua University (formerly the Graduate School of the People's Bank of China);


In June, · the cumulative turnover reached 1 trillion RMB;In July, · Huobi Research published the first easy-to-understand and science-based work "Blockchain: Defining a New Financial and Economic Future";In November, · Cumulative turnover of Huobi Group has reached 1.7 trillion RMB, accounting for more than 50% of the global bitcoin exchange market.In December, · Huobi co-sponsored China's first Fintech Digital Asset Alliance (Shenzhen) and the Fintech Research Institute under the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal Government;In December, · Cumulative turnover of Huobi Group reached 2 trillion RMB;


In July, · Cumulative turnover of Huobi Group reached 4 trillion RMB;
In October, · Huobi initiated its global strategic layout by establishing Huobi Korea Team and putting it into official operation;
In November, · Huobi Global was officially launched and started operation with cumulative turnover of the first month exceeding 4.6 billion USD. The Singapore Operation Team was also estalibshed.
In December, · Huobi completed its business layout in Japan with the Group's cumulative turnover exceeding 850 billlion USD;


In January, · Huobi Token was launched;
In February, · Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) was launched to support vote for listing;
In March, · Huobi Korea, Pool, Global Ecosystem Fund and Global Elites will be available soon.
In March, · Huobi signed a cooperation agreement with 360 Group on financial technology security service;
In March, · Huobi signed a cooperation agreement with the Data Science Institute of Imperial College London on the research of digital currency trading data;
In March, · Huobi signed a cooperation agreement with Blockchain Global on co-building Huobi Australia with strategic investment;
In April, · Cumulative turnover of the Group exceeded 1 trillion USD;
In July, · Huobi Cloud was officially launched.
In August, · the Group acquired Pantronics Holdings Ltd (01611.HK), a Hong Kong-based listed company.
In August, · cumulative turnover of the Group exceeded 1.2 trillion USD.
In September, · the Group acquired BitTrade, a licensed exchange based in Japan.