Hiromi Oshima ( 大島 浩美, [3] オオシマ・ヒロミ [4] , Ōshima Hiromi , born 6 January 1980) is a Japanese adult model. In June 2004 she became the second Japanese-born Playboy Playmate. [5]

Personal life

Oshima was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, then later moved to the U.S. [6] She has a degree in Communications and lived in Miami Beach, Florida prior to modeling for Playboy. [6]

Hiromi Oshima lives in Los Angeles, where she now works as a professional photo stylist and actively pursues her passion for dance as a Playmate Dancer. "I never dance sexy when I go out, but on stage, it’s liberating," she once explained. "In fact, I feel much sexier when I’m performing with the Playmate Dancers.” [7]



Hiromi was relocating to Miami Beach from Playa del Carmen, Mexico where she was living and working. Through a mutual acquaintance she met Playboy photographer, Jarmo Pohjaniemi. Oshima stated in her Playmate appearance interview, "I could never have been a model in Japan. I would be considered too busty." After her discovery, she was brought to California for a test shoot as a candidate for The 50th Anniversary Playmate Hunt in the December 2003 Playboy , her first magazine appearance was the pictorial of models auditioning.

In addition to her Anniversary Playmate search pictorial, she also made several appearances in other Playboy editions. Oshima was the covergirl of the 2003 Playboy Special Editions Exotic Beauties and she has also starred in a number of Playboy videos.

In June 2004, she became the second Japanese-born Playboy Playmate. The first Japanese-born Playmate was Lieko English who appeared in the June 1971 issue of Playboy. [2] [8] [9]

She appeared in the 2005 Playmates at Play at the Playboy Mansion swimsuit calendar as the January calendar girl. The calendar was the inaugural Playmates at Play calendar and was shot on the grounds of the Playboy Mansion in 2004. It was the magazine's first attempt at creating a non-nude swimsuit calendar featuring Playmates similar in style with those from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. While all Playmates appeared in bikinis in the calendar, only Oshima and Karen McDougal appeared in painted-on bikinis. She has also been listed as a Photo Production Coordinator in various issues of Playboy Special Editions.


Prior to her Playmate appearance, Oshima appeared in the music video for Nelly's " Shake Ya Tailfeather " [6] and in the Beyoncé - Lady Gaga video for their single Telephone . [10] She also appeared in several episodes of The Girls Next Door reality show on the E! network. She was cast as herself in the 2008 motion picture The House Bunny , and was also in the 2009 motion picture Race To Witch Mountain . [10] Oshima has also appeared in the television comedy series Community , and in 2013, the comedy feature film Dealin' With Idiots and the 2015 motion picture The Wedding Ringer . [10]

In 2011, Oshima was featured in a print ad/billboard advertising campaign for Virgin America. [11]

In 2017, Horomi was featured in MGMT's music video Little Dark Age. [17]

Appearances in Playboy Calendars

  • Playboy's 2005 Playmate Calendar - August 2005
  • Playboy's 2006 Playmate Calendar - July 2006

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