Maryam Irene Haley (December 30, 1981 – August 21, 2007), [2] better known by her stage name Haley Paige , was a Mexican American pornographic actress.


Paige entered the adult entertainment industry while living in San Diego, [6] when she was 19, after answering a newspaper advertisement for nude modeling. At the time she had been working at Blockbuster and said that she needed extra money to pay her rent.

In 2006 she made her directorial debut with Virgin Territory for Smash Pictures. [7] Prior to her participation in adult cinema, she worked as a Green Party aide. She reportedly hoped to become a psychologist or sex therapist after her film career was over. [6]



Paige married pornographic director Inkyo Volt Hwang (more commonly known as Chico "Wanker" Wang) on August 2, 2007, in Las Vegas. [2]

On August 21, 2007, Hwang brought Paige to Mee Memorial Hospital in King City, California. She was pulseless and apneic, and died in the emergency room later that day at the age of 25. Her death was ruled suspicious due to allegations that Hwang had pistol whipped Paige.

The next day, Hwang was arrested on suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle and booked under suspicion of murder, but he was released on August 24 with no charges filed.

Adult Video News reported that there was a "circulated rumor that Haley died of a heroin overdose." A spokesman for the Monterey County Coroner's Office stated that Paige did not have any track marks. [2] Sgt. Steve Miller disclosed that Hwang was "implicated" in her death.

The toxicology screen later came back negative for everything but a minimal amount of methadone. According to the Monterey County Sheriff's Coroner Division (who prepared her autopsy report), the cause of death was undetermined, but even a small amount of methadone could be lethal depending on a person's prior drug history.

Hwang was found dead in a room at an Economy Inn in Morgan Hill, California, on September 29, 2007. His death was "not being considered suspicious", according to Morgan Hill police investigators, who also stated that he was likely headed north due to the investigation in King City. The Santa Clara County coroner reported that Hwang overdosed on methadone in an apparent suicide.