The Georgetown street renaming occurred as a result of an 1895 act of the United States Congress that ended even the nominal independence of Georgetown from Washington, D.C. The Act required, inter alia , that the street names in Georgetown be changed to conform to the street naming system in use in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C. However, the old street names were shown on maps as late as 1899. [2]

The lists below set forth the old and new names of Georgetown's streets. [3] Because most east–west streets are not continuous across Wisconsin Avenue , separate lists are provided for those east–west streets that are north of M Street and either east or west of Wisconsin Avenue. [4]

North–south streets, east to west

Old name New name
North Street 26th Street [5]
Monroe Street 27th Street [5]
Montgomery Street 28th Street [5]
Greene Street 29th Street [5]
Washington Street 30th Street [5]
Jefferson Street Thomas Jefferson Street
Congress Street 31st Street
Valley Street 32nd Street
High Street Wisconsin Avenue
Potomac Street not renamed
Market Street 33rd Street
Frederick Street 34th Street
Fayette Street 35th Street
Lingan Street 36th Street
Warren Street 37th Street

East–west streets, south to north

M Street and south

Old name New name
Water Street K Street east of 33rd Street; west of 33rd Street, the United States Postal Service recognizes both street names in addresses .
Grace Street not renamed
Bridge Street M Street

North of M Street

Old name, east of Wisconsin Avenue Old name, west of Wisconsin Avenue New name
Olive Street Prospect Street not renamed
Gay Street First Street N Street
Dunbarton Street spelling changed slightly to Dumbarton Street
Beall Street Second Street O Street
West Street Third Street P Street
Fourth Street Volta Place
Stoddert (or Stoddard) Street Fifth Street Q Street
Sixth Street Dent Place
Seventh Street Reservoir Road
Road Street Eighth Street R Street