Flexport is a freight forwarding and customs brokerage company based in San Francisco, California.


Flexport is the first international freight forwarder and customs brokerage built around an online dashboard. [2] It has raised $94M to date, including $65M in its latest Series B round. [10]

In April 2015, Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator , told Bloomberg News, "There will be more international trade because of Flexport and international trade is a very big thing for there to be more of ". The Economic Times of India said of Flexport, "It's one of the first freight-forwarding outfits to digitise international shipping, making it easy to move goods through customs and around the world." [5]

Flexport's CEO, Ryan Petersen, is a contributor to TechCrunch as well as the founder of Import Genius .


Flexport was started by Ryan Petersen, a UC Berkeley and Columbia Business School graduate [2] in March 2013.


In May 2015, the company told Chinese media outlet 36kr.com that they were on pace to generate $60M in sales for 2015. [6]