Felicia Tang (born Felicia Lee on October 22, 1977 — September 11, 2009) was the stage name of an American actress and model [5] known for her work with Playboy TV , [4] [7] [8] calendars, internet sites, and import car shows .

Early life

Tang was born in Singapore . [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] She moved to Perth , Western Australia , where she attended a girl's private Catholic school [7] for two years. [11] When she was 13 years-old, she moved with her family to Los Angeles , California . [4] She started modeling for fashion catalogs and bikini calendars at the age of 19, [7] while pursuing a course in marketing and business administration in college. [4]


Tang made softcore appearances in adult videos for Peach DVD, including the titles Asian Fever , Hotel Decadence , [4] Sugar Daddy Wanted , [2] [7] and Peach Ultra Vixens: Asians . [6] [12] She appeared on Playboy TV multiple times [7] [8] (such as on Naked Sports & 7 Lives Xposed [4] ) and made appearances on other adult cable programs. [12] Her mainstream film appearances include uncredited roles in Rush Hour 2 (2001), [5] [41] Cradle 2 the Grave and The Fast and the Furious (also 2001). [7] [10] [42]

Tang started her own website (FeliciaTang.com) in 2002. [8] The site featured erotic material such as nude images, webcam , and film stills. [8] Tang blogged and chatted with members of the site, cultivating a friendly atmosphere with her readers. [8] A model who worked with Tang described her as "a bright, bubbly, kind, beautiful woman." [11] In 2003, she appeared in an erotic online video with Singapore-born television personality Tila Tequila . [5] The video featured the two nude models fondling each other in a swimming pool . [5] [10] Tang closed the website in October 2008 and announced that she was retiring from modeling to pursue a career in real estate . All of the content on her website went offline in 2008. [5]

Tang was a competitor on a pay-per-view strip poker TV tournament hosted by Carmen Electra . [7] [15]


In April 2009, she met Brian Lee Randone in Las Vegas . [7] He was a former pastor and reality show contestant [5] (on The Sexiest Bachelor In America in 2000), [7] [8] [16] and they started dating. [11] They had been living together for four months when Tang was found dead on September 11 at their house. [4] [7] [16] Randone was charged with murder and torture [5] and held for $2 million in bail . [4] [7] [12]

Following her death, Tang's family released a statement reading: "Felicia loved life and lived it to its fullest. However, she was more than just a public figure . Felicia was above all a human being, a daughter, a sister, a friend to many who continue to love and honor her, as much in life and in her passing." [7] [11]

Randone's trial began on November 16, 2011. [18] The medical examiner stated that Tang was found with 320 wounds from blunt force trauma (not including bruises ) and with high doses of the drug GHB in her system, together with trace amounts of cocaine . A witness testified that Tang had been a regular user of GHB for years, and that she had also used cocaine and/or crystal methamphetamine . The prosecution argued that Tang was forcibly smothered , [4] [7] while the defense argued that she died from a GHB overdose and that the wounds were caused by falls and seizures related to GHB consumption. On December 9, 2011, Randone was found not guilty on both charges. [19] [20]

The trial attracted significant media attention, with the case dubbed "the preacher and the porn star", [8] and has had further media coverage in subsequent years. [21] The verdict surprised the prosecution; the presence of pulseless electrical activity in Tang's body was one detail presented at trial and cited in interviews with jurors as a reason to acquit . [21]

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