Evita is a British melodic metalcore band from Bristol, UK formed in 2006. The band are notable for drastically changing the sound of their music between their first EP and their debut album.


Evita started off with Aaron [Beider, vocals] and Jack [Sims, former guitarist] messing around making some acoustic songs back in August, 2006. However this soon developed into a full band, with the aim to try to make some fun but interesting music that was a bit different from what was popular at the time. [2]

After several line-up changes, they released their debut EP a year later on 19 November 2007. Entitled Like An Ocean We Rise Again , this five-track record was recorded by the band and released by the Bristol-based label Glasstone Records . The EP received positive reviews from popular music magazines, including 7/10 ratings from Rock Sound and Metal Hammer.

The band began writing for their debut full-length album in January 2008, however shortly after in March, Jack left the band in order to study at university, and was replaced by Mike [Thomson, rhythm guitar and backing vocals]. Shortly after in May 2008, Lewis [Robbins, drums] left the band due to commitment issues and was replaced by Johno [Fisher, drums], creating Evita’s final line-up.

In November 2008, the band signed to Basick Records (Bury Tomorrow, Fell Silent, No Made Sense, Between The Screams) who would release their forthcoming debut album. In December 2008, the band went into the studio with producer Chuck Cheese ( Burning Skies / Shadow Law / Trigger The Bloodshed) in Bristol to record the album.

Evita released their debut full-length record, Minutes and Miles , on 13 July 2009. The album showed a huge change and progression in their music from their EP, heavily incorporating prominent pop-hook melodies and ambient soundscapes into their original metalcore sound. Once again, the album received positive reviews from popular music magazines, including an 8/10 rating from Metal Hammer, a 4/5 rating from Kerrang, and a 5/5 rating from Big Cheese.

The name Evita was taken from the musical bearing the same name. [2]

They headlined the stage at the PhoenixFest on the Saturday 28 August 2009. They widely received positive views for their performance.

The band decided to break up in October 2009 due to many members of the band being unable to commit themselves to an extensive touring schedule due to employment, education, and financial commitments. They performed their last gig in their hometown on Halloween.

Comeback (2010-present)

In April 2010, Evita announced via Myspace that they were getting back together and had already starting writing new material. They played their comeback show in May 2010. In October 2010, the band announced they were heading into the studio in January to record two new tracks.

On 13 March 2011, Evita released a preview of a new song entitled 'The Departure', which was then officially released on iTunes along with a b-side entitled 'No One Else' on 17 March . Once again there was a change and progression in their sound, incorporating a more 'hard-rock' style with prominent clean vocals, stepping further away from their original metalcore sound.

Since reforming, the band have refused the offers of a number of record labels. Stating in various responses to fans on their Facebook webpage that they prefer the creative freedom they are able to enjoy when unsigned, the band have also opted not to sign with a management agency, and instead manage themselves.

Band members

Former members [3]
  • Jack Sims — guitar
  • Sam Kenvin — guitar
  • Lel Burnett — bass
  • Lewis Robbins — drums


Studio Albums



  • "The Departure/No One Else [b-side]" (2011)


  • "Forever I Drown" (2006)
  • "The Eyslium Fields" (2007)
  • "Album Pre-Production Demos" (2008)