Eri Ishikawa ( Japanese : 石川エリ , Hepburn : Ishikawa Eri ) is a Japanese tarento , model, singer and former Japanese idol . She is best known for being a former AV idol , under the stage names of An Nanairo ( 七色あん ) and Hana Nonoka ( 乃々果花 ) . She is also famous for portraying Yukie Utsumi in the controversial Japanese movie Battle Royale

Early life

Ishikawa was born on August 8, 1981 in Tokyo , Japan.


Idol Career (2002 - 2007)

She debuted in entertainment industry as "Oha Girl" in TV Tokyo children's TV-show Oha Suta .She was a member of the Japanese Idol group Furūtsuponchi (フルーツポンチ, literally "Fruit punch"), with whom released several J-Pop singles, [2] until the group disbanded in 2007. She proceeded to appear in some photo books and gravure videos. [2] She then went into a hiatus at the end of 2007.

AV Career (2010 - 2016)

After three years of hiatus, in April 2010 she resumed her activities and made her AV debut with Muteki with the stage name An Nanairo. [2] [4] [2] [3] She then moved to AV company MOODYZ in June of the same year and went into another hiatus in August.

In April 2011, she re-debuted under the new name of Nonaka Hana. She earned much success in her re-debut with almost monthly releases. In April 2016, she retired from the AV industry.