Elwis, Elwis Royal or Elwis Lighting is a Danish technology company, founded in 1938 by Mogens Wilsbech, which designs and manufactures inspection lighting, handlamps, flashlights and gaskets. It sells products in over 30 countries worldwide. Elwis’ founder, Mogens Wilsbech famously created the first functional fluorescent handlamp, in a workshop near his house in 1953.[1]

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In 1938, Wilsbech founded the company and in the early 1950s, he discovered a number of problems with the conventional incandescent worklights available on the market. This developed his idea to encase a fluorescent bulb in a resilient, clear, butyrate tube. This was marketed as a "Light in a tube" originally with a 21-inch fluorescent bulb encased.Elwis continues to manufacture fluorescent handlamps in Denmark, which have been a workshop essential for service departments, gasoline service stations and repair garages. The company now has two main divisions; Elwis Lighting manufactures a range of advanced Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) and Chip On Board (COB) Light-emitting diode (LED) worklamps, trouble lights and high specification torches for mechanics. Elwis Royal manufactures a range of gaskets to fit a wide variety of automotive vehicles.[12]

Elwis Headquarters in Gentofte, Denmark

Professional inspection lighting

The Elwis PRO series of mobile inspection lamp solutions that are attractive, technically advanced and most importantly functionally superior. In short, they are products that have been designed and developed to be the perfect tool for the advanced professional using a “no compromise” approach. The range is divided into five categories:

Elwis H4-R rechargeable headlamp

1. Headlamps

2. Flashlights

3. Inspection lamps

4. Task / Site lighting

5. Counter Display Units of flashlights and penlights for shops [19]

Gasket and sealing solutions for the automotive aftermarket

Elwis gasket set for a Mini Cooper

Elwis Royal produces more than 2,500 different gasket and sealing products to be used in the automotive aftermarket for engine ​ service and the repair of European and Asian passenger cars. Elwis sell to distributors and wholesalers only. [7]

Gasket and sealing solutions for Industry

Elwis Royal also design, manufacture and sell tailor-made sealing solutions that target the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers ​ and their aftermarket divisions. [7]

The ideal aftermarket solution

Since the very start of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket, the “Royal” brand has been synonymous with high quality sealing solutions. Since 1985, Elwis have marketed their products under the brand name “Elwis Royal”. [7]
Elwis constantly develop their product program and aim to be able to supply sealing solutions for all important engines for the aftermarket. In total, they offer products that cover more than 8,000 different original equipment applications. [7]
Elwis have distribution partners all over Europe and the United States ​ and run the business based on the following commitments to their distributors and end users:
  • They guarantee that all Elwis parts perform at least identically to their original counterparts.
  • They guarantee a price structure that helps distributors and repair shows capture more sales into the (price sensitive) mid-end market.
  • They guarantee a high quality of product data in TecDoc. [7]