E-commerce in Bangladesh is about the growing electronic commerce sector of Bangladesh. [2] [3]


In 2009 Bangladesh bank approved online payment and in 2013 the bank approved the use of Debit and Credit card for online payment. The eCommerce Association of Bangladesh is the trade body for eCommerce in Bangladesh. [4] According to the association there is 8,000 eCommerce page in Facebook alone. [5] The growth of the industry has been inhibited by low usage of credit and debit card, and the unavailability of PayPal. [6] In 2016 the government of Bangladesh opened eCommerce sites for every district in the country. [7] The same year, FBCCI recommended removal of tax on eCommerce. [8] Ten billion Taka transaction take place through eCommerce site per year according to a 2017 report. [9] E-commerce in Bangladesh is going through a transitional period. To win the next wave of online shoppers, e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh needs to ensure high quality products, on-time delivery and better after sales services. Square1 is an e-commerce platform that aims to help companies provide high-quality products, on-time delivery and better after sales services. [26]

Business to Business

BGMEA, ready-made garment trade body, has utilized business to business eCommerce to receive orders for garments from clients outside Bangladesh. Three other popular sites are Addressbazaar, BangladeshBusinessGuide, and Bizbangladesh. [10] is considered as the first B2B ecommerce platform in Bangladesh.

Business to Consumers

This segment grew through the growth of home-delivery of food, companies like FoodPanda, HungryNaki and Foodpeon [2] . There are other companies based in Facebook which allows people in Bangladesh to buy products from USA, UK and India. [10] The majority of the transactions are carried out through Cash on Delivery. [2] Chaldal.com is online grocery store that sells products in Dhaka, Bangladesh. [2] BongoBD is a streaming site for movies, cricket videos and original content. [2] [2]

Consumer to Consumer

There are a number of companies that act as classifieds, notable are Bikroy, Ekhanei, and ClickBd. [10]

Business to Employee

There are a number of websites such as BDJobs.com, prothom-alojobs.com, and jobsA1 that host information about jobs in Bangladesh. [10]

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a recent sector that has experienced rapid growth. [2] [2] Since, 2014 there is 20 companies has started as the nation is becoming digital. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing involves strategies designed to engage consumers and drive brand conversation on various digital platforms. [2]

The digital marketing industry in the nation has not matured with consumers having low online literacy rate. [2] The industry has doubled in size due to increase to mobile transactions, an estimated 70 billion taka are transferred through mobile phones every month. [2] Bangladesh has the tenth largest mobile phone user base in the world and has 60 million internet connections. [3] Zunaid Ahmed Palak the state minister for ICT in the Best of Global Digital Marketing World Tour 2016 which was held in Dhaka, “I am happy to say that from today we will speak about digital marketing as being an essential part of Digital Bangladesh,”. [3] Bangladesh has 65 million internet users which is about 40 percent of the population. [3] Digital Marketing Summit is organised annauly since 2013 by Bangladesh Brand Forum. [3] [3]