The Synod Central Africa is a regional governing body in the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa in Zimbabwe . In 1895 3 congregations were established in what was then known as Rhodesia . The number of congregations increased rapidly, theses was part of the Cape Synod, later the Free State Synod and the Transvaal Synod. Finally the Dutch Reformed Church - Synod Central Africa ( the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Sinode van Midde-Afrika in Afrikaans ) become autonomous in 1957. It has 16 congregations, 41 house fellowships and 2,600 members. Official languages are English and Afrikaans . The Apostles Creed , Athanasian Creed , Canons of Dort , Heidelberg Catechism , Belgic Confession is generally accepted standards.

The Synod composed of white people, mostly Afrikaans and the services are in Dutch too. While the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe is a black denomination. These churches are created by Dutch Reformed missionaries from South Africa .