Derek Alexander Muller (born 9 November 1982) is an Australian - Canadian science communicator, filmmaker and television presenter. He is best known for creating the YouTube channel Veritasium . Muller has appeared as a television presenter on the Australian television program Catalyst since 2008.

Early life and education

Muller was born in Traralgon, a city in regional Victoria, Australia, and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, when he was two. In 2000, Muller graduated as the top student from West Vancouver Secondary School. [24] In 2004, Muller graduated from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, with a B.Sc in Engineering Physics, [3] and, after moving back to Australia, completed a PhD in physics education research from the University of Sydney in 2008 with a thesis, Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics Education . [4]


Muller has been listed as team member of the Australian television program Catalyst since 2008. [5] In January 2011 Muller created the YouTube channel Veritasium , the focus of which is "addressing counter-intuitive concepts in science, usually beginning by discussing ideas with members of the public". [7] Muller's works have been featured at Scientific American , [8] Wired , [23] Gizmodo , [23] and i09 . [23]

Since 2011, Muller has continued to appear on Catalyst , reporting scientific stories from around the globe, [23] and on Australian television network Ten as the 'Why Guy' on the Breakfast program. [23] In May 2012, he gave a TEDxSydney talk using the subject of his thesis. [23] In July 2012, Muller created a second YouTube channel, 2veritasium . Muller uses the new platform to produce editorial based videos that discuss such topics as film making and viewer reactions to popular Veritasium videos. [23] As of 12 December 2016 the channel had 205 video uploads, 3.8 million subscribers and 292 million video views. In 2015, he presented the documentary Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail , which aired in July/August on several public television stations across the globe.

On September 21, 2015, Muller hosted the Google Science Fair 2015 Awards Celebration. [23]

On November 24, 2015, Muller revealed in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread that he had recorded a podcast with Henry Reich of MinutePhysics, which was released on 26 November 2015. [23]

Muller has also won the Australian Department of Innovation Nanotechnology Film Competition and the Australian Webstream Awards for Best Educational & Lifestyle Series 2013. [23]

Starting in April 2017, he appeared as a correspondent on the Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World.


Muller is a Facebook critic, and has denounced the ability to buy likes for a Facebook page illegally from "like farms" or "click farms" in developing countries or pay Facebook to promote a page. [18]

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