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Coin Center is a non-profit research and advocacy think tank based in Washington, DC. Its main focus is public policy issues associated with cryptocurrency technology like Bitcoin and Ethereum. [3] It represents the technology and not the industry, advocating to keep blockchain technology free and open. [4]


Coin Center was founded by Jerry Brito in September 2014. [5] He was a law professor and head of technology policy at Mercatus Center at the time before leaving his position to launch the venture. [6] Funding for Coin Center has come from venture capitalists and companies such as BitPay, Coinbase, Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, and RRE Ventures. [6]

Policy positions

In an interview with New York Mag in 2015, Brito stated he founded the organization to "educate lawmakers and regulators about what Bitcoin is and is not; perform policy research; and act as a booster for Bitcoin." [5]

Representatives from Coin Center have spoken to Congress on numerous occasions about issues impacting cryptocurrency. In 2017, the group advocated for easing restrictions on the use of blockchain in order to keep financial infrastructure innovators from leaving the United States. [7] The same year it advocated against additional regulations for policing of cryptocurrency, arguing that guidance issued by FinCEN in 2013 was adequate. [8] Part of the Comabting Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017, Coin Center argued that law enforcement already has the tools necessary for combating crimes involving cryptocurrency. [9]

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