Broward County Transit (also known as BCT ) is the public transit authority in Broward County , Florida. It is the second-largest transit system in Florida after Miami-Dade Transit . It currently operates the only public bus system in Broward County. Besides serving Broward County, It also serves portions of Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County , where it overlaps its service with Miami-Dade Transit and Palm Tran .

Services & route coverage

  • Regular Local Service: Broward County Transit's local service is focused mainly in Broward County. However, they operate routes traveling from Broward County to Palm Beach County, linking their service with Palm Tran .There are also routes that travel from Broward County to Miami-Dade County, linking their service with Miami-Dade Transit . There is currently only one route that goes through Palm Beach County, Broward County, And Miami-Dade County. [11]
  • Limited Stop Service: Known as The Breeze (separate from overall fleet theme), operates 3 routes, one via S.R. 7 (US 441)-(441 Breeze) another via US-1 (US-1 Breeze) and the other via University Dr (University Breeze). These operate from Broward County to Northern(US 1) and Central(US 441) and Western (University) to Miami-Dade County (Golden Glades – US 441 & University and Aventura Mall – US-1).
  • Paratransit and Community Bus Service: Paratransit services are available for disabled riders and senior citizens. Community Buses operate special routes as an extension of the local bus service in Broward County.

Current and prior generations

Since around 2000, Broward County Transit has developed a themed livery for each generation of its new and existing fleet. Before 2000, each generation of the fleet was simply known as Broward County Transit. So far, there have been 2 named generations.

The Bee Line generation (ca. 2000–2006)

The Bee Line generation (not to be confused with Westchester County's Bee-Line Bus System ) was introduced to the fleet in the early 2000s. During this time, they retired most of their older, high-floor buses and replaced them with a brand new fleet of low-floor buses,which were first delivered in 1997. All new buses ordered during this period and its current fleet were painted white with a yellow honeycomb pattern stripe applied to all sides of each bus. A cartoon bee character was also placed on each bus. But the character has since been removed on most of its fleet. The former livery was a split orange and blue stripe with no theme name. The previous livery was used from early 1980s until the late 90's.

The Breeze generation (2007-Present)

The Breeze generation was introduced in 2007 as 2 special limited-stop service routes following along U.S. 1 and S.R.7(HWY 441) from Northern Broward County all the way towards Northern Miami-Dade County. Broward County Transit introduced 6 New Flyer D60LFR articulated buses for service on the S.R.7(US 441) route. In addition the new buses, they also feature free Wi-Fi access to riders on this route. BCT has now added forty-Eight 40 ft (12 m). NABI 40-LFW buses to the fleet. All new buses ordered and soon most of its current fleet will or already have been painted in white with a large blue arc pointing forward and a small light blue arc (7 of the new buses delivered were painted in silver instead of white for The Breeze U.S. 1 limited stop service). Now in 2008 BCT ordered 42 newly restyled NABIs 40 ft (12 m) low-floor including 12 hybrid buses. [3] [12]

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