Brandon Curtis is the vocalist , bassist , and keyboardist for the rock band The Secret Machines . Originally from Norman, Oklahoma , he was friends with Tim, Mark, and Brian of Tripping Daisy , as well as members of The Flaming Lips and The Chainsaw Kittens . Brandon and his brother Benjamin moved to Dallas and formed The Secret Machines with drummer Josh Garza . The trio later moved to New York City where Benjamin eventually left the band to pursue a career in School of Seven Bells , previously his side project.

Brandon's atmospheric keyboards show signs of influence from 1970s Krautrock bands like Can as well as progressive rock artists such as Pink Floyd , Hawkwind , and Roxy Music . [14]

Brandon Curtis and his brother Ben also formed UFOFU with Joseph Butcher, touring locally and recording several albums between 1993 and 1997, [3] and Brandon was in Captain Audio, where he first played with Secret Machines' drummer Josh Garza.

Curtis performed lead vocals on "Don't Fall Softly", a track by UK synthpop band Filthy Dukes which appears on their 2009 release "Nonsense In the Dark".

He mixed/produced two records by South African rock band BLK JKS .

In June 2010, Curtis joined the touring lineup of Interpol , on keyboards and vocals. [4] In 2012, Brandon joined Interpol front man Paul Banks ' live band. He contributed to Banks' 2012 EP entitled "Julian Plenti Lives...".

Curtis contributed to the production, recording, and mixing of EmptyMansions debut album "snakes/vultures/sulfate", released in April 2013. EmptyMansions is the side project of Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino . Curtis toured with EmptyMansions in Spring 2013, on bass/vocals.

Curtis has produced three albums for the American post-metal band Russian Circles : Geneva (2009), Empros (2011) and Memorial (2013). [31]

On October 30, 2013, Curtis' new band Cosmicide released a new song entitled "Talos' Corpse" and three US tour dates. [16] "Talos' Corpse" was written/produced by Brandon Curtis and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer, who has previously worked with Paul Banks, Johnny Marr, Kaiser Chiefs, and more.

His brother Benjamin died at the end of 2013.

Cosmicide played 3 live shows in early 2015 (Philadelphia, Providence RI and Teaneck NJ), playing a nine-song setlist, including Talos' Corpse, apparently consisting mostly of songs from material that is recorded and in a finished state but currently unreleased. In addition to Brandon, the band consisted of drums, a second keyboardist, who also provided backing vocals, and a guitarist.

Recently Curtis has been providing keyboards and backup vocals for Tripping Daisy's 2017 reunion shows.