Ariana (born November 3, 1958) is an American former pornographic actress . [2]

Early life

Ariana was born in Brooklyn , New York to a Catholic family of Italian and Greek descent. [2] [3]


In 1989, Ariana was working as a stripper at Frank's Chicken House in Manville, New Jersey when Nina Hartley approached her and suggested she become a feature dancer . Hartley advised her to model in pornographic magazines and perform in adult films. Ariana, who was 30 years old at the time, declined the offer, thinking she would be unable to find work because of her age and the amount of tattoos she had, which was uncommon and considered taboo back then. She was later approached by pornographic actors Sandra Scream and Woody Long while stripping at the Go-Go Ramma in Laurence Harbor , New Jersey . Scream and Long offered to help her find work in magazines. She did her first photo shoot for Cheri Magazine in 1989. Pornographic film director Bobby Hollander contacted her after seeing her photos in the magazine. Ariana initially choose to work only with her then husband, Luc Wylder . Her first performance with someone besides Wylder was in a girl-girl sex scene with Aja . [3]

Ariana decided to retire from adult films in 1995 due to the multiple STD outbreaks in the industry at the time. [3] Two years later, she returned to the industry to shoot her final adult film, Tattoo for Adam & Eve . [5] After her retirement, she continued to do photo shoots and non-sex roles in bondage and fetish movies. She was also working as a dominatrix . [3]