Anita Bonds (born 1945 [2] ) is a Democratic politician in Washington, D.C. She is an at-large member of the Council of the District of Columbia . [32] She has been the Chairman of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee since 2006. [33] [7] She worked as an executive at Fort Meyer Construction, a District contractor. [8]

Early life

Bonds was raised in Southeast Washington, D.C. [9] She attended college at University of California, Berkeley , [9] where she majored in chemistry. [10]


Bonds helped run Marion Barry 's first campaign for the District of Columbia Board of Education in 1971. [8] She was elected Ward 2 delegate to the Black Political Convention in 1972. [11] In 1973, she ran in a special election for the Ward 2 seat on the District of Columbia Board of Education. [12] Bill Treanor won the election with 62 percent of the vote. [12] Bonds worked as ward and precinct coordinator for Clifford Alexander 's campaign for District mayor in 1974. [13] She served as deputy campaign manager for Barry's 1978 [14] and 1982 bids for District mayor. [2] In 1979, Mayor Barry named Bonds special assistant for constituent services. [15]

Bonds served as manager of John L. Ray 's reelection campaign for at-large councilmember in 1980. [16] In 1983, Bonds was director of the District of Columbia Office of Community Services. [2] She served on Jesse Jackson 's presidential campaign in 1984. [17] She was campaign manager for Barry's bid for a third term as District mayor in 1986. [2]

In 1990, Bonds helped the defense attorney in Marion Barry's drug and perjury charges. [18] In 1994, Bonds became special assistant to District Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly 's chief of staff, Karen A. Tramontano. [19] In May 1998, Bonds was named campaign manager for Councilmember Harold Brazil 's bid for District mayor. [20] In August 1998, she left that role after a campaign reorganization. [21]

From 2004 to 2005, she served as director of the mayor's Office of Community Affairs. In 2005, she became a senior adviser to Council member Kwame R. Brown . [32]


In November 2012, Democrat Phil Mendelson won a special election to become the chair of the Council of the District of Columbia, [32] creating a vacancy of his former seat as at-large member of the Council. District of Columbia law provides that, in the event of a vacancy of an at-large seat on the Council, the political party of the former incumbent shall decide who will fill the seat until a special election can be held. [32]

Bonds announced that she would seek to be selected to hold the at-large Council seat. Douglass Sloan, a public affairs consultant and Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for Riggs Park , and John Capozzi , former Shadow U.S. Representative and former at-large member of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee, announced that they would also seek the selection. In a vote by the D.C. Democratic State Committee, Bonds received 55 of the 71 votes cast, winning the selection process. [8] Bonds was sworn in as councilmember on December 11, 2012. [27]

Bonds won reelection in the 2013 special election. [32]

In 2017, Bonds attended the parade for the inauguration of Donald Trump . [34] [35]

Election results


2013 Council of the District of Columbia , At Large , Special Election [32]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Anita Bonds 18,027 31
Democratic Elissa Silverman 15,228 27
Republican Patrick Mara 13,698 24
Democratic Matthew Frumin 6,307 11
Democratic Paul Zuckerberg 1,195 2
Democratic Michael A. Brown 1,100 2
D.C. Statehood Green Perry Redd 1,090 2
Write-in 187 0


2014 General Election, Council of the District of Columbia , At-Large Seats [35]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Anita Bonds 85,575 24
Independent Elissa Silverman 41,300 12
Independent Michael D. Brown 28,614 8
Independent Robert White 22,198 6
Independent Courtney R. Snowden 19,551 5
D.C. Statehood Green Eugene Puryear 12,525 4
Independent Graylan Scott Hagler 10,539 3
Independent Khalid Pitts 10,392 3
Republican Marc Morgan 9,947 3
Independent Brian Hart 8,933 3
Independent Kishan Putta 6,135 2
Independent Calvin Gurley 4,553 1
Independent Eric J. Jones 4,405 1
Libertarian Frederick Steiner 3,766 1
Independent Wendell Felder 2,964 1
write-in 1,472 0


Bonds currently serves on the following committees: [33]

  • Committee on Housing and Community Development (Chair)
  • Committee on Judiciary
  • Committee on Education