Founded in Andorra in 1930 Andbank is the oldest firm of private bankers in Andorra. Privately owned by the third generation of the Cerqueda Family and the Ribas Family and directed by a team of independent professionals, it has a network of over 40 offices in three continents.


Andbank has subsidiaries in three continents (Europe, America and Asia):

  • Andbank Monaco SAM ( Monaco)
  • Andbank Luxembourg S.A. ( Luxembourg)
  • Andbanc Wealth Management, LLC (Miami, United States)
  • Andbanc Brokerage, LLC (Miami, United States)
  • Andbanc Advisory, LLC (Miami, United States)
  • Andbank (Panamá) S.A. ( Panama)
  • Andbank (Bahamas) Limited ( Bahamas)
  • AND PB Financial Services, S.A. (Uruguay)
  • Quest Capital Advisers Agente de Valores, S.A. ( Uruguay)
  • Columbus de Mexico, S.A. de CV (Mexico)
  • Banco Andbank (Brasil), S.A. ( Brazil)
  • Andbank España S.A.U. (Spain)
  • Andbank Wealth Management SGIIC S.A.U. (Spain)
  • Medpatrimonia Invest S.L. (Spain)
  • Sigma Portfolio Management (Israel)

Organizational structure

Andbank’s Board of Directors is composed of:

  • Oscar Ribas Reig , Honorary Chairman
  • Manuel Cerqueda Donadeu , Chairman
  • Oriol Ribas Duró , Deputy
  • German Castejón Fernández , Director
  • Manuel Cerqueda Diez , Director representing Cerqueda Donadeu, S.A.
  • Jorge Maortua , Director representing Reig Finances S.A.U.
  • Manuel Ros Gener , Director
  • Xavier Santamaria Mas , Director
  • Jaume Serra Serra, Director
  • Josep Vicens Torradas , Director representing Inversion, Gestions i Estudis, S.A.U
  • Jacobo Baltar García Peñuela , Secretary General
  • Ricard Tubau Roca , CEO

Awards and Acknowledgments [1]

  • The Banker 2012 and 2014: “Bank of the year”.
  • The Banker 2014, 2015 and 2016: Global Private Banking Awards “Best Private Bank” (Andorra).
  • Global Finance 2015: “Best Private Bank Award”.
  • The European 2015: Global Banking & Finance Awards “Private Bank of the Year” (Andorra).

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