Ami Ayukawa

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Ami Ayukawa (鮎川 あみ,Ayukawa Ami, born February 18, 1981) is a Japanese AV Idol who worked for both established studios such as Alice Japan and h.m.p., and also for independent companies like Moodyz and Wanz Factory. [6]

Life and career

Ami Ayukawa was born in Tokyo on February 18, 1981 and made her AV debut in November 1999 at the age of eighteen with the video New Sensual Princess - Chapter 8 for the h.m.p. Tiffany label. [8] In August 2000 she made her first appearance for the MAX-A company's Samansa (Samantha) label in Scanties.

MAX-A chose Ayukawa to star in the first entry in their Witch-Hunt series, released in August 2001.

When the February 27, 2001 issue of the Japanese magazine FLASH surveyed the AV industry for the top 30 stars, Ayukawa was ranked number one and dubbed the "Queen of AV". [10]

Interviewed by Asahi Geino, and reprinted in an October 2001 Mainichi Shimbun news story on mishaps in the Japanese AV industry, Ayukawa said that her "most horrific experience" in the profession involved a simulated rape scene. The actress explained, "During our pre-shoot meeting, the director told me he'd make sure I was all right, so I wasn't that worried. But then, suddenly, this guy grabbed me by the hair and started dragging me along the floor. Then he began choking me so hard I could barely breathe. I was almost unconscious. I screamed out for help and started crying, but not one person came across to save me. When the scene ended, I was black and blue. The director came over to me and said, 'That was a good scene. It almost looked like the real thing.'" [11]

In a December 2005 article on the subject, Ayukawa was cited as one of the group of AV idols who maintained a blog. [14]

Partial filmography

Video title Company Director Release date
New Sensual Princess - Chapter 8 新・官能姫 第8章 [8] h.m.p. Tiffany CTF-023 Masahiro Kasai November 26, 1999
Lecherous Amigo! 淫乱あみ~ご! h.m.p. Tiffany CTF-024 Midori Moriguchi December 25, 1999
Temptation of Nipples 乳首の誘惑 h.m.p. Tiffany VTF-002 Masahiro Kasai January 27, 2000
Yurisagi Home Tutor 14 やりすぎ家庭教師14 h.m.p. Miss Christine VMC-003 Koji Matsuda February 25, 2000
The Real ザ・リアル h.m.p. Samm VSV-011 Ryutaro Kanno May 27, 2000
Play with my Beautiful Tits 美乳遊戯 h.m.p. Samm VSV-012 Ryutaro Kanno June 26, 2000
The Document ドキュメント h.m.p. Samm VSV-014 Ryutaro Kanno July 31, 2000
Scanties MAX-A Samansa XS-2199 Tatsuya Aoki August 14, 2000
Sukesuke Race Queen すけすけレースクィーン h.m.p. Miss Christine VMC-017 Kin Ishikawa August 25, 2000
Body Sonic MAX-A Samansa XS-2202 Taira Takano September 29, 2000
The Confined Bodydolls 監禁ボディドール MAX-A Samansa XS-2208 (VHS) XV-076 (DVD) Yukihiko Shimamura VHS:November 21, 2000 DVD:June 21, 2002
Kozenwaisetsu 32 口全ワイセツ32 h.m.p. Samm VSV-025 Masahiro Kasai December 31, 2000
Ami Ayukawa DX 鮎川あみDX Compilation DVD containing Scanties and Body Sonic MAX-A Samansa XV-020 January 19, 2001
Be Smeared With Semen Lecher Doll 欲湿プリティドール Shy FE-529 Kunihiro Hasegawa January 28, 2001
No More Sex Shy FE-534 Hitoshi Mochinaga February 22, 2001
Female Teacher Hunt: Ami Ayukawa 女教師狩り in 鮎川あみ MAX-A Samansa XS-2223 Yukihiko Shimamura March 30, 2001
Reverse Soap Heaven 逆ソープ天国 Alice Japan Babylon KR-9147 Shigeo Katsuyama April 20, 2001
COS-PARA Atlas21 A01-052 Yukihiko Shimamura May 21, 2001
Sexy Butt (Mejiri) 女尻 Alice Japan KA-2029 Hidekazu Takahara June 29, 2001
Inhumanity / The Give Up Human Being 人間廃業 Alice Japan Babylon KR-9155 Kunihiro Hasegawa July 24, 2001
The Witch-Hunt 魔女の棲み家 MAX-A Samansa XS-2236 (VHS) XV-058 (DVD) Yukihiko Shimamura VHS:August 31, 2001 DVD:January 25, 2002
Sexy Teacher Hunt Special 女教師狩り Special With Sanae Asou, Ryo Ariga & Ayano Kotobuki Compilation from "Female Teacher Hunt" series MAX-A Samansa XV-044 September 21, 2001
The Bubbly Heaven 逆ソープ天国 Compilation DVD containing The Bubbly Heaven (Reverse Soap Heaven) and Sexy Butt Alice Japan DV-084 September 21, 2001
Sexy Widow 淫乱遊戯 MAX-A Samansa XS-2239 Katsuya Taguchi September 25, 2001
Uncensored VIP VIP-097 Futoshi Sakura October 19, 2001
Taboo タブー MAX-A Samansa XS-2244 Yukihiko Shimamura November 27, 2001
Splash スプラッシュ MAX-A Samansa XS-2247 Jin Nomaru December 28, 2001
Stocking Lovers / Pantyhose Lover パンストラヴァーズ Atlas21 A02-012 Yukihiko Shimamura January 18, 2002
Sexy Butt CLIMAX 7th 女尻CLIMAX 7th Compilation of "Sexy Butt" series with Uruka Kitamura, Manatsu Hirose, Rina Okada & Ayumi Tahara Alice Japan KA-2057 February 15, 2002
LEGEND Atlas21 A02-023 Kei Morikawa February 22, 2002
Hard Candy ハードキャンディー MAX-A Samansa XS-2255 Yukihiko Shimamura March 29, 2002
MORE MAX III Compilation with several other actresses MAX-A Samansa XV-069 April 19, 2002
Illegal Tits Violation 11 不法侵乳 11 MAX-A Samansa XS-2257 Taira Takano April 30, 2002
Erotic Beauty 艶 [ EMBI ] 美 Atlas21 AVD-096 May 17, 2002
Nasty Play 淫乱遊戯 MAX-A Samansa XV-072 May 24, 2002
Missing / The Vanishing 失踪 MAX-A Samansa XS-2261 Yukihiko Shimamura May 31, 2002
Bubbly Heaven Special Charter 6 逆ソープ天国貸切スペシャル 6 Compilation of 5 videos in the "Bubbly Heaven" ("Reverse Soap Heaven") series with Maria Yumeno, Hina Uemura, Yoko Takashima & Uruka Kitamura Alice Japan Babylon KR-9169 Usagi Kanda June 14, 2002
Erotic Mouth / Dirty Mouth 淫口 MAX-A Samansa XS-2262 Yukihiko Shimamura June 21, 2002
Atlas GORGEOUS アトラス GORGEOUS 2002 Compilation with Kurumi Hoshino, Hotaru Aki, Arisa Himeno, Ai Hiyoshi & Sumire Nagisa Atlas21 A02071 Tsukasa Hashimoto July 15, 2002
Get Ready! MAX-A Samansa XS-2265 Yoshiho Fukuoka July 23, 2002
Wild Thing VI Momotaro WI-26 Masao Tanaka August 7, 2002
Sexy Butt Climax 6 女尻クライマックス 6 Compilation of 5 videos in the "Sexy Butt" series with Manatsu Hirose, Rina Okada, Uruka Kitamura & Ayumi Tahara Alice Japan DV-165 August 9, 2002
COS-PARA Special Compilation with Manatsu Hirose, Miyu Anzai, Koharu Tohno, Kirari Koizumi, Ai Hiyoshi & Juri Takahara Atlas21 A02081 Tsukasa Hashimoto August 9, 2002
VIP Value Pack VIPバリューパック Compilation with Mako Takeda & Eri Imai Media Bank VIP VIPD-112 August 23, 2002
The Cold Moon 冷たい月 MAX-A Samansa XS-2269 Taira Takano August 27, 2002
M.V.P. Vol.3 Compilation with Nana Kawashima, Ai Kurosawa, Eri Imai, Shinobu Rei & Reimi Kanou VIP VIP-136 Chian Kurisu August 30, 2002
MAX-File Ami Ayukawa MAX-File 鮎川あみ DVD containing Sexy Teacher Hunt, Taboo and The Vanishing MAX-A Samansa XV-087 September 20, 2002
Bubbly Heaven Special Erect 5 逆ソープ天国スペシャルエレクト 5 Compilation of 5 videos with Maria Yumeno, Hina Uemura, Yoko Takashima & Uruka Kitamura Alice Japan DV-180 September 27, 2002
Canary 金色雀 MAX-A Samansa XS-2272 Yukihiko Shimamura September 27, 2002
Deep Blue MAX-A Samansa XS-2275 Yukihiko Shimamura October 25, 2002
Memories memorys MAX-A Samansa XS-2277 Katsuya Taguchi November 26, 2002
MAX-A Anniversary 3 Compilation with 23 other actresses MAX-A Samansa XV-098 December 6, 2002
BIG BUST CLUB Vol.2 Compilation with 11 other actresses Atlas21 A03011 Tsukasa Hashimoto January 17, 2003
Inhumanity File Vol. 5 人間廃業ファイル VOL.5 Compilation from "Inhumanity File" series with Nao Hirosue, Miyuki Hourai, Nao Oikawa & Chiharu Moritaka Alice Japan Babylon KR-9176 Usagi Kanda February 14, 2003
Blue File Ami Ayukawa ブルーファイル 鮎川あみ II Compilation DVD of four Ayukawa videos MAX-A Samansa XV-108 February 21, 2003
Wild Thing 8 Momotaro WI-36 April 11, 2003
The Bondage Theボンデージ Compilation with 9 other actresses Atlas21 A03051 Tsukasa Hashimoto May 14, 2003
Costume Play Collection プレ・コレ Compilation with Hikari Kisugi & Azusa Kyono MAX-A Samansa XS-2296 Max Nakamoto July 22, 2003
Ami Ayukawa in Hypnotic Fuck 鮎川あみの催眠FUCK Cosmos Plan EMD-007 August 22, 2003
Super Beautiful Tits Angel 超-美乳のアングル Wanz Factory SO-112 December 1, 2003
Actress Restraint Maniac Vol.18 女優-拘束マニア Vol.18 Wanz Factory MC-118 January 1, 2004
Bad Girl Declaration 悪女宣言 Wanz Factory BG-101 February 1, 2004
Goku Hong 極本番 Glayz GON-084 March 5, 2004
Precious - Ami Ayukawa 秘蔵 鮎川あみ MAX-A Samansa XS-2328 Taira Takano March 30, 2004
For The Best Onanie 最高のオナニーのために Moodyz Killer MDED-200 Kanemochi Saionji April 1, 2004
Goku Ran 極乱交 Glayz RAN-003 April 9, 2004
Ami Ayukawa Complete 鮎川あみ 完全版 Compilation of previous videos Wanz Factory WX-124 May 1, 2004
The Perfect AV! 4 Hours of Big Breasts Idol ザ・パーフェクトAV!巨乳アイドル4時間 Compilation with several other actresses Media Bank VIP VIPD-263 July 23, 2004
The Perfect AV! Costume Play Idol 4 Hours ザ・パーフェクトAV!コスプレアイドル4時間 Compilation with several other actresses VIP VIPD-265 August 13, 2004
Bondage Girls ボンテージガールズ Compilation with 9 other actresses Atlas21 BVD-052 September 30, 2004
Naughty Girls In the Wild 野外で乱れる女たち With Aya Otosaki, Nao Oikawa & Yuu Amami Momotaro OLED-02 August 20, 2004
TABOO HARD MIX Compilation with Akiho Yoshizawa, Naho Ozawa, Sora Aoi, Asuka & Erika Hayashi MAX-A XS-2386 Toshio March 29, 2005
Ami Ayukawa HISTORY 鮎川あみHISTORY Compilation of 3 previous videos for Atlas21 Atlas21 RDA-06082 (VHS) AVD-327 (DVD) Taro Matsumoto VHS:August 23, 2006 DVD:August 28, 2006
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