Aswad Ansi ( Arabic : الاسود العنسي ‎), better known as Abhala bin Ka'b ( Arabic : عبهلة بن كعب ‎), was an Arabic member of the al-Ansi family claimed by Muslims to be a false prophet . He lived in Yemen and proclaimed his prophethood towards the end of the Islamic prophet Muhammad 's lifetime. Awsad claimed to receive divine inspiration in the form of words, similar to Muhammad, and is recorded to have recited them to his people.


Aswad was an apostate who had declared himself as a prophet when Muhammad became ill after his final pilgrimage to Mecca . Aswad went on to invade Najran and most of Yemen. He attacked Sana'a and Shahr who was the ruler of Yemen and the son of Badhan was killed in battle against Aswad. Aswad married Shahr's widow and declared himself ruler of Yemen. [2] [3] After his invasion of Yemen, he changed his title from "Prophet of God" to " Rahman " "The Most Merciful". His rule of the Yemen was short-lived. Fayruz al-Daylami , a Persian Muslim, attacked Aswad with an army and killed him. Learning of Muhammad's demise, the followers of Aswad continued their revolt under the leadership of Qais bi Abd Yaghus. Fayruz defeated them and they surrendered along with their leader.

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