Abdul Khaliq was born in Lahore on 15 June 1935. He was Iqbal Professor and chairman of the Department of Philosophy at the University of the Punjab .


Having had his entire early education in Lahore he did his M.A. from Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore and later PhD in the subject of Philosophy from the University of the Punjab. Throughout, he was a University/Government scholarship holder,also securing top position in the University twice:once in the Intermediate (Arts)-1954 and then in B.A.Hons(Arabic)-1956.He did his M.A. in 1958 and Ph.D on the subject."Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan on Nature Man and God" in 1978. He received Roll of Honour (academic)at the Islamia College,Civil Lines Lahore twice-1956 and 1958.Besides,he was awarded M.A. Ghani Gold Medal on his B.A. result and College Silver Medal on the Intermediate result.


Immediately after M.A. Dr.Abdul Khaliq started his teaching career as lecturer, Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore.After about 2 years of stay there he joined as lecturer, Government Intermediate (later-Degree) College Gujarkhan, Rawalpindi.He continued to serve in this College till 1967 when he finally joined the Teaching Faculty of the Department of Philosophy at the University of the Punjab Lahore. Serving in the University for more than 28 years he retired on 14 June 1995 as Iqbal Professor and Chairman of the Department.During his tenure of service in the University he regularly edited the Departmental Journal Al-Hikmat every year and organized and conducted a number of Annual Iqbal Memorial Lectures by eminent scholars from Pakistan as well as from abroad.He supervised scores of research theses of M.A. students and produced a number of Ph.Ds as their official guide, supervisor and Internal Examiner. He attended various international conferences including International Iqbal Congresses, Lahore 1977, 1983 and 1998 and the International Conference of Muslim Scholars, Islamabad 1981.He delivered a number of extension lectures at Lahore Arts Forum, Islamic Philosophical Association, meetings of Pakistan Philosophical Congress Sessions, Pakistan Naval War College, National Institute of Public Administration, Pakistan Administrative Staff College and so on.He traveled to the University of Pennsylvania (USA)in 1982 on the invitation of the American Institute of Pakistan Studies, as Visiting Professor.

After retirement

After his superannuation Dr.Abdul Khaliq did not stop teaching. For 3 years he taught various courses at Institute of Leadership and Management, National University of Science and Technology and Institute of Business Administration (PU), and then from 1998 to 2006 he worked as the Visiting Faculty at Government College University Lahore and delivered lectures to post-graduate classes. In 2006, Higher Education Commission appointed him to the prestigious position of Senior Educationist and Researcher for 2 years. To avail of this honor he came back to his parent Department at the University of the Punjab, Lahore. During these 2 years he worked on the manuscript of his forthcoming book"Problems of Muslim Mysticism" and delivered lectures to the post-graduate classes.

For a number of years during his entire active professional life he worked as the Elected President of the Pakistan Philosophical Congress which is the only organization of its kind in the whole Muslim World. In that capacity he organized a number of Annual Moots which were attended by delegates from all over Pakistan as well as from other countries who presented their scholarly papers and participated in discussions.

Research work

As to the written research work of Dr.Abdul Khaliq, his main field of interest has been Islamic/Muslim Philosophy and Qur'an Studies. In the following is given the list of his books published so far along with the years of their publication and the names of the Publishers. This will be followed by the list of his Articles published and the Journals etc. in which they appeared.


Name Year published Publisher
Muslim Falsafa (co-author:prof.Yousuf Shaidaee) 1987 Aziz Publishers,Lahore
Mabadiat-e-Falsafa (co-author:prof.Yousuf Shaidaee) 1989 Punjab Text Book Board
Problems of Muslim Theology 1989 Izhar Sons,Lahore
Qur'an Studies:A Philosophical Appraisal 1990 Victory Book Bank, Lahore
Elements of Philosophy 1990 Punjab Text Book Board
Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan on Nature Man and God 1993 Bazm-e-Iqbal,Lahore
Iqbal Studies and the Journal of Philosophical Congress (Editor) 1993 Bazm-e-Iqbal,Lahore
Masa'il-e-Falsafa (Urdu translation of Bertrand Russell's Problems of Philosophy ) 1995 Mash'al Publishers
Companion to Allama Iqbal's Reconstruction of Religions Thought in Islam (Edited) 2001 Department of Philosophy Punjab University, Lahore
Problems of Muslim Philosophy 2002 Aziz Publishers, Lahore
Good Names of Allah (English translation of Asma'ul Husna of Syed Suleman Mansur Puri 2011 Paramount Publishers, Hyderabad
Iqbal's Concept of Death, Immortality and After-life (translated from Urdu, edited and reviewed) 2006 Iqbal Academy, Lahore
Problems of Muslim Mysticism 2012 Iqbal Academy, Lahore
As I Look Back - An Autobiography 2015 Punjab University Press, Lahore


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