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Eric Yoder is an American author ​ and journalist ​ based in Washington, D.C. ​ He is a reporter at The Washington Post ​, covering internal federal government personnel, management, and budget policies. [2] [3] [1]


Yoder graduated from Penn State University ​ in 1978 with a Bachelor's degree ​ in journalism ​. He later attended American University ​, graduating in 1981 with a Master's degree ​ in communication. [3] ​​


Prior to joining The Washington Post, he was a staff writer at Federal Employees News Digest and The Federal Times ​. [3]

Throughout his journalism career, he has written about business, law, sports, among other topics. He has reported at The Washington Post since 2000, concentrating on federal employee issues, the budget, and government management policies. [2]

Yoder is also the award winning author of three books of short mysteries for children. [2]

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