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La Sportiva® just celebrated their 80th anniversary, but rather than resting on their accolades, they continue to improve on their already excellent products. Born in 1928 in a small mountain village in the Italian Dolomites, La Sportiva® remains passionate about providing the best technical footwear for mountain sports.

The breadth of the La Sportiva® product quiver is unsurpassed. They make boots for Everest; they make climbing shoes for pushing the 5.15 envelope; and they make running shoes that deliver a great ride on anyone's favorite trail. Whatever footwear the outdoor consumer needs, La Sportiva® has the highest quality, most innovative product to meet the need.

Constantly searching for more advanced technologies for their shoes and products, La Sportiva® also gains inspiration from the outside world from which they strive to nurture and respect. Dealing within a worldwide market, La Sportiva® has over 80 years of history behind them and continue to produce top quality footwear, destined for the new generations, with the most modern ways of understanding the mountains.

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