La-La is a social network / music messaging application for iOS that uses audio instead of written words. Users communicate by sending each additional audible song snippets which include music lyrics to conduct their conversations.


La-La was created by Jason Hadjioannou, originally as a way to message his girlfriend in a more interesting way. In an interview with Softonic, Jason is quoted saying: "just thought it'd be cool if I sent her a short audible song snippet instead of writing it".

An early version of the "messaging app" was developed in beginning of July 2014 and the first La-La message to be sent via the service was a stream of the 17 second refrain of ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie.


Since its summer release, La-La has been reported to have passed over 40,00 users and has been featured in respectable technology publications including "TechCrunch", "Product Hunt", "RTTNews" & "".

On La-La's official blog, there are screen captures from Twitter users expressing their joy for the app - "Finally, a messenger that understands my love for music", "New favourite app: la-la lets you send song snippets", "So perfect; we all need @la_la_app" - to mention a few.

Similar apps

La-La is often mentioned alongside the additional single-task messaging apps: "Yo", "WhatsApp" & "Snapchat".