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What almost taste like defeat in a glorious way, the music is dark and bluesy, yearning for passion and fire, yet hopeful still, holding onto ideals of love and life. Kyle provides the listener with creative, intelligent music, centered around a lyric which offers a unique perspective to the universal stories of human life. The instruments are warm and natural with subtle dark undertones. Visually, the music transports to a dark lit pub during the Beat Generation. The girls are sexy and alluring in fancy dresses. The guys drink whisky in smooth suits. Everybody smokes. Kyle Britton standing before them, on a small stage, singing his songs. All of them celebrating non-conformity and spontaneous creativity.
Perhaps it was growing up in a military family which lead to Kyle's desire for non-conformity and individuality. Never wanting to be confined to walking only on the white squares with a shaved head, Kyle wished his friends and family the upmost luck and chose a different path. He began writing poetry in high school, which was quickly followed by guitar strums and off-key hums. In the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, along Colorado's beautiful front range, Britton would perform his songs for jittery coffeehouse patrons, at local talent shows, and at high school parties where everyone would yell “Free Bird!”
After high school, Kyle spent a year in the much smaller, however just as majestic, Smokey Mountains in North Carolina where he had earned a scholarship to play division one soccer at UNC-Asheville. Between his full class schedule, two-a-day soccer training sessions, and sleep, Kyle spent all the time he could sneaking into the music building, onto the huge stage in an empty dark theater, where he would find the alluring concert grand piano waiting for him. He would sit there and play for hours and was surprisingly never caught or kicked out. On random occasions, a friend would tag along to hear the new tune Britton had been working on.
Britton transferred back to the front range to finish his schooling at the University of Denver where he continued his habit of big pianos on big stages in dark theaters. However, he wouldn't remain in the dark for long. His first band “Random Sample” was composed of his brother and three fellow university students. They would play the local Denver dives and college bars where everyone would yell “Free Bird!”. Playing in a band is like going through a unique school system and this was Kyle's first year. They continued to play around Colorado and made their way up to proper theaters like the Fox and the Gothic.
Graduation day came and went, but Kyle was merely a bright-eyed second year when it came to the music business. He chose to continue his musical education and moved to Los Angeles, CA where Britton had to pay his dues; open-mic nights in Hollywood, slimy promoters booking slimy gigs in dark corners of the valley, pay-to-pay Hollywood, band mates come, band mates go, writing, writing, practice, practice, practice, development, moved into his car for a year to save money for studio time, more writing, and more writing, and more writing until finally Kyle Britton found his voice.
Currently, Kyle is putting the final pieces in place to launch his debut album in November. Years of experience and emotion neatly packaged into 33 minutes of music. Kyle Britton's debut album Riddle gives us a sweet taste of a new organic nectar. Offering genuine musical performances from the vocals to the castanets, to the accordions, to the toy piano; these 9 songs offer hope and happiness with the ever desired mixture of passion and fire. [+]
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