Koppel, Koppell, or Kopel might refer to:


  • Andrea Koppel (b. 1963), American political and Chinese topical journalist, daughter of Ted and Grace Anne
  • David Koppel, British photographer
  • Grace Anne Dorney Koppel, American attorney and spokesperson for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), wife of Ted, mother of Andrea
  • Martin Koppel, American leader of the Socialist Workers Party in the United States
  • Ted Koppel (b. 1940), American political journalist, husband of Grace Anne, father of Andrea
  • Heinz Koppel (1919–1980), British artist of German origin
  • Herman Koppel (1908-1998), Danish classical music composer and pianist, father of Thomas and Anders
  • Thomas Koppel (1944-2006), Danish classical music composer and musician, son of Herman D
  • Anders Koppel (b. 1947), Danish classical and popular composer and pianist, son of Herman D, father of Benjamin
  • Annisette Koppel (b. 1948), Danish singer, married to Thomas Koppel.
  • Naja Rosa Koppel (b. 1980), Danish singer and songwriter, daughter of Thomas and Annisette Koppel.
  • Nikolaj Koppel (b. 1969), Danish pianist, music director and journalist, son of Lone Koppel and John Winther.
  • Dave Kopel
  • Bernie Kopell
  • G. Oliver Koppell
  • Gavin Koppell