Konan might refer to:

  • Conan (disambiguation), a name spelt "Konan" in the Breton language
  • Kɔnan, a male given name in a number of Akan cultures, mainly the Baoulé people, for whom it is typically given to any male born on a Wednesday (mlan), and corresponds to the female given name Amlan (usually transcribed as « Aménan » in French). It corresponds to various given names in additional Akan cultural groups : Kobénan, Kablan, Kwabená, etc. (see Akan names).


  • Konan Naito (1866–1934), Japanese historian and sinologist
  • Konan Serge Kouadio (born 1988), Ivorian footballer playing for Fredrikstad F.K.
  • Axel Cédric Konan (born 1983), Ivorian footballer who plays for Serie A team U.S. Lecce
  • Denise Konan, Interim Chancellor of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
  • Didier Konan Ya (born 1984), footballer who plays for Hannover 96 in Germany and the Côte d'Ivoire national team
  • Charles Konan Banny (born 1940), Prime Minister in the Ivory Coast in 2006–2007
  • Henri Konan Bédié (born 1935), President of the Ivory Coast from 1993 to 1999