KK, K.K., kK, k.k., or additional sequences of two k's with or without punctuation might refer to:

Arts and media

For people in arts and entertainment, see § People



For all people nicknamed "KK", see KK (nickname)



Other uses

  • AtlasGlobal (IATA airline designator KK)
  • Jeep Liberty (KK), a model of Jeep Liberty made from 2008 until 2012
  • KK, former name of a line on the New York City Subway, now called the J/Z
  • Kabushiki kaisha, term for a Japanese corporation or public company
  • Kilokelvin (C), temperature 1000 Kelvin
  • k.k. or k.-k., meaning "imperial-royal", pertaining to the Austrian Empire before 1867 and to the Austrian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1867–1918
  • "kk", instant-messaging slang for "okay, okay", or "okay, cool", an acceptance of something and indication that no further explanation is necessary