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Kim Joyce is a singer, songwriter, a humanitarian rights activist and a motivational speaker. She loves to define her genre of music as Passion Music. A soulful voice, a playful spirit and a conscious mind are what she brings to the table in her music.

She began pursuing music in 2006 when she graduated from The Ohio State University. While at The Ohio State University she was a four-year member of the women’s basketball team. There she had a very successful career and won many accolades. She was one of fifty players asked to tryout for the college Olympic USA team, and she won Defensive Player of the year for her senior year. She left The Ohio State University with the title for most steals in OSU women’s history and remains listed as number two in the Big Ten altogether. Additionally, she left with a degree in Economics.

Her musical journey rooted from her singing in her father’s church in Detroit, Michigan at a very early age. It would take years later for her to come back to music. In college she joined a hip-hop alternative band called LaQuest. After LaQuest dismembered she decided to go solo. She put out her first project “Kimberly Joyce” the EP. This project had six songs on it. Every song Kim Joyce wrote, produced and played live. Next, she came out with a mixtape called “Different Shades of Sexy” in which DJ Holiday and DJ Dommystyles were apart of. Finally, in March 2010, Kim Joyce released her debut album “Eleven.” This was an eighteen- track project. It received a ton of positive reviews from the underground scene. Kim Joyce wrote all lyrics on this project and assisted in producing a few tracks along with primary producer and close friend, B-Banga. Later that year, in November 2010, she released a mixtape titled “Tomboy Sway” with Core DJ Da’ Hitman, which also received great reviews. July 2013, Kim Joyce released her 3rd mixtape, “Unstoppable” again with Core DJ Da’ Hitman. This was an all original music mixtape produced primarily by producer and also, her close friend Majorhitz.

Somewhere between “Tomboy Sway” and today, Kim Joyce had a transformation. She took a short break from music but came back to music more consciously sound and more herself than ever. She was told by a label exec in 2012 that she was too raw. Well, today she embraces her rawness, her rasp and her uniqueness. Kim Joyce brings energy, not just to the stage, but every time she sings. There is no question that with the message she is spreading now–with her voice, her energy and spirit—that this young lady and her music will change this world for the better, and her music will live on forever. [+]
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