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Killiney woods

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''Killiney Woods'''
is an American psychedelic funk indie blues rock jam band straight from the woods of Millville mass. all hometown members and friends since before any of them can remember, killiney whose members consist of guitarist Isaac Morin, drummer Ryan Jandrow (red)and percussionist/drummer John Thomas Ryan (JT) as permanent members friends such as Sean Flood, Nicholas Blanchard, Casey Poems, Antony Pellerin, Chris Rice David Shaw, and Brian Rice have graced the stage from time to time. formed from the ashes of many other small local bands and with a rich history, and influence, through the long journey of music that has unfolded right in front them and their fans their still here.

'''The Early Days'''
Their musical journey began with a band called empty which was a pop punk band that Ryan Jandrow Isaac Morin and Chris Rice had started in the fifth grade back in 2000. Chris played guitar and sang, Isaac at first was recruited to just be the singer at first but wanting to do more of a part in the band so he decided to sing and play bass. empty lasted until 2006 releasing various singles and an ep called duck tape your mom cause empty is coming to town eventually the band imploded due to creative differences. Then out of that came the Sunday proposal and it is the first real example of the fine artistry and skillful song writing of Isaac Morin growing up presented so far. the band lead by Chris rice on guitar and Isaac Morin now on guitar for the first time in a band both singing again like in empty but the the Sunday proposal was a very different style to the pop punk they used to play. the Sunday proposal was an indie rock band influenced by commander Venus the Desaparecidos, cursive and slowdown Virginia. both Chris and Isaac wrote for the band and actually recorded the Sunday proposals unfinished album trade your cats for your lies on their own with the help of empty drummer Ryan jandrow who is actually playing drums on the album. Zakk Warf who played drums and Taylor Warf who played bass were both brothers in the band for the most of its duration but didn't contribute to any of the recording and or writing of music they were only present during live shows. As it turns out again due to creative differences and lack of time and members being in different bands, the band disbanded in 2006. Not shortly after the break up Isaac Morin and Chris rice of the Sunday proposal went on to formed with a few new faces like David Shaw, Daniel De santis, and Brett gonya an experimental indie rock band called the messiahs which both Chris rice and Isaac Morin again wrote all the music for with the exception of one song that was written by Daniel De santis that was actually written for his other band at the time Novocaine. the messiahs were heavily influenced by slowdown Virginia, Pavement, the Olivia tremor control, and blind melon, they were also the kings of the local indie scene and could be found playing time and time again at one of the favored venues lets party extreme or otherwise known as LPX. The messiahs is another fine example of new and exciting musicianship from the boys and their more youthful days experimenting with their instruments and music. the messiahs lasted for years after that starting up and stopping on occasion with different members and influence, but then it wasn't the same anymore eventually the many of the original members had gone and with the departure of Chris from the band to pursue his solo works left the only original member Isaac Morin to continue on the band, so Isaac started writing everything for the band. The departure of Chris rice was mutual between Chris and Isaac, both were pursuing different ideas in music at the time and didnt want to clash with their conflicting ideas of direction.

'''The start of Killiney Woods'''
The messiahs had turned into something that it wasn't originally suppose to be and it discouraged the other members who were also starting to go their own ways musically, but after a year or so of being apart once again the messiahs would start back up again as usual. It wouldn't last long though as the messiahs. It was a new time and age they had grown up and all had their own experiences and influences. They just weren't the same band that they had used to be and so the name seemed too unrepresented and old as to what was going on at the time. the band would go through a couple of different names like Clinton and grated Hindu tiger but then eventually it hit them, in all the time that they had spent playing music starting and stopping bands and practicing for hours on end and the fights and the good times, all of it had occurred on the street killiney woods. It was sort of their mecca or homage to their lives growing up on killiney woods it was their childhood and it was the only name that was felt to be suitable, so it stuck. As for the music it all started when a certain member of killiney woods isaac morin discovered the magic of jam music from a history teacher at his local high school. Being stuck in a class on a hot day doing a project his teacher thought it would be a nice present to the class to let them watch a video during this project as it was the end of the year and they had worked so hard all year but the video wasnt up for vote by the class, the teacher had chosen it. from the moment the video started play isaac knew that whatever this was, this color of sound it was actually something worth doing in music, the magic of improvisation. The video changed his life forever that day. The video would play over and over again in his head and his whole perspective in music had changed. The band, this glorious band change everything he knew about music, and that band was the grateful dead. without this discovery of this music isaac was afraid that music, all music was just a practiced routine that was played that same way every time with no room for inspiration. this band inspired isaac to rethink music and rethink how he plays his guitar and every other instrument he plays or comes into contact with. it has also influence his song writing where it was restricted by the regular three minute singles that he had been doing in the past now he started to see that time was irrelevant and it doesnt matter, this music was the definition of freedom in his eyes and he wanted to do it so it started the period of time where isaac wasnt really participating in the band but more of refining his guitar style. eventually after two years of doing this isaac came back to the messiahs and began to start to influence the others in the direction that the music was taking him. at first seemed to be a bit hard but everyone came around to it and that influence was enough to influence the rest of them. soon everyone started to catch on and ryan never knowing how to play any other instrument other than drums was curious about starting bass but discouraged by not know a damn thing about it was convince by isaac to keep it up with it. the convincing argument was "you dont know how to play now but think about how good you will be in a month from now if you keep at it, or a year man, you'll be fuckin sick man". Soon everyone adopted a sort of improvise everything technic when it came to music.soon it would be in everything that they did even to this day in all projects related and non-related. killiney woods has been rocking this method for years now around the local area in various different groups and acts they've recorded albums and live albums they've played everything from stadiums to barns and they'll be at it for years and years to come. This band has been together one way or another for a long time so check out this band and its music which defines their turbulent history through their songs and jams.

'''Music and Links'''
www.mediafire.com/?ffb0qgmh5zaial3 [+]
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