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KickCoin (ticker symbol: KICK) s a cryptocurrency​ that aims to facilitate fundraising for decentralized​ organizations.[1] It provides a platform for Initial Coin Offerings, where projects launched on their platform use their token as a payment method on their platform. KICKICO takes half the commission (4%) of ICO campaigns launched in their tokens to the KICKONOMY fund.


The company is headquartered in Russia​. KICKICO was founded in November 2015. ​[12]


KickCoin can't be mined by users and are instead emitted during the fundraising process - whenever somebody contributes to the campaign directly to the smart contract address, new KickCoins are minted and sent to the address, from which the payment in ETH was made. [9]



KickCoin is an Ethereum​-based protocol that aims to provide safe and easy fundraising for ICOs, pre-ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting. Both crowdfunding and blockchain technology have great potential, but the industries are filled with failed projects and scams. KICKICO aims to solve these problems by moving crowdfunding from centralized platforms (like Kickstarter) to Ethereum-based smart contracts. Using Ethereum smart contracts, KICKICO significantly reduces overhead costs of running a crowdfunding campaign. Smart contracts also protect investors from failed projects. Investors are protected from failed projects through the use of blockchain-based tokens called KickCoins. [10]


KICKICO helps innovators, game developers, blockchain leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. With the help of cryptocurrency, the support of their community & KICKONOMY’s power thousands of ideas could come to life.[8]


KICKICO is a platform allowing its users to conduct ICOs, pre-ICOs, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting campaigns, with the possibility of creating tokens for the user, accepting both crypto\digital and fiat currencies, protecting investors with KickCoins. Projects launched on the platform can also support KickCoins as a payment method.[8]


KICKICO is designed as an ecosystem. They call their ecosystem the “Kickonomy”. Members of that ecosystem include founders (the creators of crowdfunding projects), projects (ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting companies), investors (people who support crowdfunding projects), and KickCoins (a domestic currency used on the ecosystem).


Together, these components make up the KICKICO ecosystem, which aims to deliver several important benefits to the modern crowdfunding space. [10]


Initial Coin Offering

KickCoin had its ICO in August 29th to September 16, 2017.[11]​ They raised 78,000 Ethereum​, which was worth over $22,000,00 USD.[7]


KickCoin will issue 80% of their coins in the Initial offering. The rest were given to angel investors​, insiders and developers. [7][8]​ Some of the coins are being retained in order to account for costs of operating and launching the coin. 



The CEO of KickCoin is Anti Danilevski​, the man who designed "Carnage", the most popular video game in Russian history. He was born in Leningrad​, Russia​, in 1980. Since 2011, he has been a leading crowdfunder and angel investor in Russia. He also founded Europe’s largest crowdfunding community (based in Russia). He’s also known for making browser-based games, including Carnage, which is one of Russia’s most popular games. Anti leads the biggest Russian crowdfunding community and other game and IT online communities.


The Chief Technical Officer is Andrew Perepelitsa​. Andrew has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry, ranging from hardware support, engineering and maintenance, to enterprise-level information system analysis, design, development, and implementation. He has specialization in intranet and extranet system development, enterprise applications integration, and business process automation, and has extensive experience with high-load enterprise 24/7 systems, stress testing, profiling, bottleneck analysis and performance optimization.[7]


Alexander Petrov is a cofounder, investing in KickCoin in 2015. He serves as the Chief Financial Officer​, taking care of the monetary​ aspects of the company in regards to capital, expenditures and other instruments.[9]


Petr Yakimchuk has been working as system administrator since 2009, and brings vast experience in planning, managing and deploying highly scalable systems. He has experience in many different web languages, including PHP​, RubyPython​, Nginx​, OpenVZ​ and many more. [7]


Chief Business Developer Dmitry Raskladka was born in Moscow in 1988. Dmitry has more than 10 years experience in the software development and advertising industry.[9]


Verdandi Cao, the lead design, was born in 1992 in Vietnam. Since 2010 she has completely devoted herself to design, working at several international companies as a designer. [9]


Yury Parsamov is the Strategic Partnership Manager. With 10 years in marketing for giants like Beiersdorf & Leo Burnett, Yury is dedicated to set strategic collaborations between blockchain projects, community, media & KICKICO. His main goal is to provide partners with in-house analytics, market overview & ICOs best cases, serving as a consultant Liason​ between new organizations seeking to utilize Kick's platform. [9]


Anastasia Balashova is in charge of Strategic Communications. She has professional experience providing services both for huge brands including Avon​, Dupont​ and SAP, unicorn start-ups like Evernote​ and numerous small businesses.[9]


Growth hacker Tony Simonovsky describes himself as a serial entrepreneur. In 2005 he started his first business, providing SEO services to clients in the Moscow​ region. After working with SEO for around 7 years, he sold his business, delving into the world of Blockchain​.[9]



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