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Keziah Daum is an 18-year-old from North Salt Lake City, UT​.[2]


Prom Dress

On April 22nd, Daum tweeted "PROM" and pictures of her wearing a Chinese qipao, or cheongsam alongside her piers.[5]


On April 27th, Jeremy Lam retweeted Daum with the caption "My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress. His tweet was retweeted over 41k time and received 178k likes and sparked a debate on cultural appropriation.[9][5]


Daum in response to Lam stated "To everyone causing so much negativity: I mean no disrespect to the Chinese culture. I’m simply showing my appreciation to their culture. I’m not deleting my post because I’ve done nothing but show my love for the culture. It’s a fucking dress. And it’s beautiful."[5]


An article in the South China Morning Post interviews people living in Mainland China who praised her wearing the dress.[11]

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