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Kevin James Ferguson (born March 23, 1983) is an American police officer serving the Los Angeles Police Department[4][20] He resides in Anaheim, California[4][13][14][16] In February 2017, he was involved in a controversial incident where he grapples with a 13-year-old, eventually firing a gunshot when the boys' friends try to get him free from Kevin's grip. [5]  [18]

On February 27, LAPD officially confirmed that it was indeed Ferguson. [21]

Moment he fires his <a class="tooltippable" data-mce-href="/Handgun/" data-username="Handgun" href="/Handgun/">handgun</a>
Moment he fires his handgun

Harassment of Christian Dorscht

On February 21st, 2017 at about 2:45 p.m., Christian Dorscht, along with dozens of other school teenagers walking home from school in the suburbs of Anaheim in the vicinity of Euclid Street and West Palais Road., came into contact with Ferguson who allegedly made a nasty comment about a girl who was walking by and stepped onto his lawn. The off-duty police officer, is seen in an 8 minute video holdign the boy in a vice like grip and refusing to show his badge to the students. He is referred to as "Kevin" by an old man near the struggle that ensued - presumably a neighbor in the vicinity. "Kevin", serves and protects as a law enforcement officer for the LAPD. [18]  [5]


It appears that Ferguson does not live exactly where the video was filmed, but a few houses down. [13][16][14][20]


Christian felt compelled to stand up for his friend after the cop allegedly called her a "Cunt" for being on his lawn and decided to defend her by telling the man not to talk to her in a derogatory manner or he will "Sue" him. The off-duty cop, thinking he heard "Shoot" rather than "Sue", reacted physically by grabbing Christian - they both get into a physical struggle - a tug and pull of opposite forces. [5]


His house before the incident
His house before the incident

As he held on to Christian with a fierce grip by his sweater, outstretching it, scratching the boy, and causing him pain, other kids began to try to help Christian get released from the Kevin's tight hold. An argument ensued between the off-duty cop and Christian about the man's reasons for violently grappling him. Christian says: "let me go for the last time... you're the one who started this", but the man, wearing a blue checkered button up with jeans and dark sunglasses, and dark heavy boots, does not respond and continues to hold on to him. The off-duty cop snatches, grabs, and takes him by force. [5]


<span class="street-address" data-reactid="17" data-rf-test-id="abp-streetLine" title="1603 W Palais Rd">His house at 1603 W Palais Rd </span><span class="citystatezip" data-reactid="18" data-rf-test-id="abp-cityStateZip"><span class="locality" data-reactid="19">Anaheim, </span><span class="region" data-reactid="22">CA</span> <span class="postal-code" data-reactid="24">92802 was vandalized</span></span>
His house at 1603 W Palais Rd Anaheim, CA 92802 was vandalized


During the struggle between the man and Christian, other kids attempt to free Christian from the iron grip. One of the kids, a taller friend of Christian, tries to push the man in order to break them up and fails. Other teens try again and run into the locking pair, pushing them into a bush laid behind them where Christian gets stuck and the man falls to the other side while still holding to Christian. At that moment, the man brandishes his handgun that was tucked inside his pants in front of the group of teens, and lets out a gunshot. The rest of the kids begin to run away as one of them shout in Spanish indicating a serious tone reflecting the heightened sense of commotion: "A la verga guey!... Chinga su madre!". [5]


The cops came and quickly handcuffed Christian while they chatted with Kevin about the incident. [5]  



Info from https://nuwber.com/person/563a48ec7686b0176bb7f07a
Info from https://nuwber.com/person/563a48ec7686b0176bb7f07a

Eight minutes of the incident were caught on camera by several of the kids and other by standers. The video went viral on social media with many in the community praising Christian for standing up to the man, while others condemn the man for his violent treatment of Christian and the way he handled the entire situation. Another video angle of part of the incident was also recorded. [5] There have been a number of reports saying that the neighborhood is known to have hordes of high school and jr. high students walking by, often cutting across people's lawn, and other times accidentally blocking traffic. 


Sgt. Daron Wyatt, a spokesman for the Anaheim Police Department, declined to confirm the authenticity of the videos. However, the sergeant did say “they appear to depict portions of the incident.” [5]


Christian was booked and transferred to Orange County Juvenile Hall for criminal threats and battery[5] Another boy was also charged. Kevin was not arrested despite his actions endangering the boys and neighbors when he fired a gunshot. [5]

Protestors in <a class="tooltippable" data-mce-href="/Anaheim%2C_California/" data-username="Anaheim%2C_California" href="/Anaheim%2C_California/">Anaheim, California</a>
Protestors in Anaheim, California


A protest in front of Kevin's house took place on February 22, 2017. [8]


GoFundMe [11]  and a YouCaring [12] account have been made a way to support Christian during the legal trouble he faces, and to allow for enough funding of lawyer costs.[11]  [12]





Kevin was interviewed and his weapon was seized.[19]  He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. The LAPD confirmed he has been on the force for less than 10 years, joining in 2013. [19]


In March 2017, the parents of one of the children assaulted by Ferguson filed a lawsuit against him. [22]

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    theScholarlySentinel  •  7 months ago
    Totally abused his power, poor kid this officer needs to be fired
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    Mahbod Moghadam  •  7 months ago
    This man needs to be fired... ASAP!!! 
  • Comment
    Nikka  •  7 months ago
    very messed up. it was just a kid! he could have let him go and none of this would have happened... 
  • Comment
    persistance_rising  •  7 months ago
    Beautiful home with palm trees, trucks, a fifth wheel. If only they paid teachers as much as cops. Blatant abuse of power here.
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    Travis Moore  •  7 months ago
    • Esauuu 7 months ago
  • Comment
    mattO  •  7 months ago
    How is this not a felony?
  • Comment
    HeatherBacon  •  6 months, 4 weeks ago
    Wow! I'm totally appalled about how this whole thing was handled. Being charged with threats and all because this man who is supposed to protect and serve would rather terrorize and endanger. Whats worse? HE GETS AWAY WITH IT?!?! No wonder animals are being shot point blank by officers for sneezing when they are allowed to pull and fire guns because a child walks on their lawn. The 13 year old he felt he should man handle now sits in a juvenile detention centre for allegations of threats and the police who didn't even feel the need to identify himself is back in uniform ready to shoot a kid next time. This story is so unimaginable, fire the pos and charge his for threats, he was the one firing a gun.
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    FannieAmos  •  6 months, 1 week ago

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