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From the past to today, from the Wu-Tang-Klan to Kendrick Lamar, there’s always been one thing in common, putting in hard work. Regardless of it being making music or performing on the big stage, there’s always work to be done. Kenne Wita E believes in the grind and believes anything is possible with hardwork. He is the definition #WITA “Whatever It Takes Anytime”.

Kenneth Heard,who goes by Kenne Wita E, was born on the west side of Cincinnati, Ohio on August 1, 1991. Kenne developed a passion for music at a young age. From watching his favorite artist perform on tv, to hearing the messages in each song, he decided he wanted to take a shot at making music. Kenne began writing music at the age of 16. He never stopped writing ever since. He loved the creativity of putting together a masterpiece. Kenne attended the University of Toledo where he studied business. He later decided to move back home to attend Cincinnati State where he studied Audio and Video. Kenne began focusing more on his music after he took a break from school. Being an artist can be a full time job.

Today, Kenne continues to write music. His earlier music was based on his life story, now he’s just having fun with it. He’s not just your average artist, he’s also a young entrepreneur working hard to build his brand. He plans to build his own empire one day soon. Kenne Wita E loves to put on a show wherever he goes. He recently competed in the “Who Wants To Make It” contest where he traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to perform in Outkast’s studio. He also went to Jacksonville, Florida and Columbus, Ohio to perform and compete in the “Bridging the Music” showcase. He won first place for his performance. Kenne knows how to work the crowd.

With writing music and planning tours, Kenne always stays busy. He dedicates most of his time to working on his brand and music for his fans. Kenne makes sure he gives them what they want to hear. There’s never a dull moment around Kenne Wita E. Most of his music can be found on any music app/site ( Google Play, Apple Music, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, etc).

Kenne’s dream of being a successful independent artist and entrepreneur is in the making. He understand that hard work will pay off in the end. He will continue releasing music to build his fan base. Kenne is expected to be traveling overseas to perform on day soon. [+]
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