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Ken j. Martin

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In an industry of superficial love, Ken j. captures audiences by composing songs that identify blissfully indescribable feelings. His caviar voice and guy next door personality melts hearts and enamors listeners. Whether expressing the innocence of new love or highlighting the ills of societal confines, the world consciousness and emotional harmonies woven into his songs make his performances an experience.

Ascending towards international regard for his vocal flair and songwriting prowess, Ken j. is the next male artist to capture the heart of the people. He likes to stay busy with projects and events that create social change in all communities. Ken j. has embraced his sexual preference and uses his art and spirit to help others recognize love is love and art is art and this art form you will enjoy. He's in the line of Tracy Chapman, Meshell Ndegeocello, Elton John, George Michael and most recently Frank Ocean. This is an artist that pushes truth and walks in the light like no other. He is your Acoustic Soul Artist but he also belongs to the World.

Support Ken j. Martin grab his new project a New World and listen to a smooth cd with love ballads, revolutionary anthems, awesome stories about societal ills and the like. It’s nothing like it because there is no one like Ken j. Martin, your New Soul Artist.
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