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Kei Komuro is an associate at a Law firm in Tokyo who plans to marry Princess Mako[1]


Personal Life & Activities

He attended International Christian University in Tokyo which is where he met his future girlfriend, Princess Mako.  [2]


Photo of Kei dressed for a formal meeting.

He once worked as "Prince of the Sea", promoting tourism at the Shonan beaches in Kanagawa Prefecture in 2010.  [3]


Kei currently lives in Kohoku Ward in Yokohama, a few miles from Tokyo[4]



A former bank employee, Komuro has been working for a law firm since spring of 2016. He currently attends the Hitotsubashi University’s Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, and majors in business law. He has not yet qualified as a lawyer. [5]


Relationship With Princess Mako

On May 16th, 2017, it was announced that Princess Mako will marry her long time boyfriend, Kei, a commoner who was once a prince himself - A "Prince of the Sea" that is. "Prince of the sea" was his job title at his previous work for a tourist company in 2010. In the end, Komuro met with the press in the morning after Imperial Household Agency chief Shinichiro Yamamoto confirmed media reports of their impending engagement at a hastily arranged press conference. [6]


They are expected to get officially engaged in mid-June at the earliest and marry sometime in 2018, agency sources said. The 25-year-old princess will become the first to get engaged among the four grandchildren of the emperor and Empress Michiko. [7]


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