KE, ke, and variations might refer to:


  • Ke (kana), the romanisation of the Japanese kana け and ケ; see additionally Small ke
  • kē, a character in Hanyu pinyin, written 柯 in Chinese


  • Ke (surname) (柯), a transliteration of a common Chinese surname
  • , stage name of New York singer/songwriter/actor Kevin Grivois


Science and technology

Biology and medicine

  • KE family, medical name for a family of Pakistani origin exhibiting a severe speech disorder
  • Elimination rate constant, a value used in pharmacokinetics to calculate the rate at which drugs are removed from the system
  • The Chinese name of Lithocarpus glaber, the Japanese oak, a tree species

Computing and the internet


Other uses

  • Ke (unit), a traditional Chinese unit of decimal time lasting either 14.4 minutes or 15 minutes
  • Korean Air (IATA airline designator KE)