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Katie Perkins started singing at the age of 4 years old. By the time she reached 11 she was already performing and knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She took voice lessons at the age of 12 and began working at a studio since the age of 16.

It was at the age of 16 that Katie found herself face to face with a life crisis. One evening she became very ill and was taken to the emergency room where they found that she had a prolonged QT interval which is the time her heart is at rest. This led to further tests which diagnosed her as having a hole in her heart in the middle of all four chambers. She needed open heart surgery for an ASD repair. Without this surgery her life expectancy would have been 13 years. Many concerns rushed through her mind. The breathing tube was a concern as it might hit her vocal chords and she wouldn’t be able to sing again. Looking her surgeon square in the eye, Katie stated that she would rather sing for the next 13 years than live a life without ever singing again. The surgeon convinced her that he would do everything possible to not damage her vocal chords. So then Katie agreed to the surgery. This life-altering event became part of her DNA, her life, and influenced her songwriting.

Katie continued on from high school to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts which cemented her skills, talents, knowledge, strength and determination to bring the music industry some of the best country music on the planet. She is still continuing her vocal training with J Chris Griffin in New York City!

Her debut CD which was released in 2010 titled “Amazing” was the launching pad for what would be the beginning of an amazing career. It was produced by Grammy Award Winning engineer Joel Soyffer and it received rave reviews and still to this day, is being played over the airwaves and in homes all over the world.

Katie Perkins is proud to announce the release of her second album “Breathe” which is now available at most digital storefronts. Its lead single “Hello Heartache” is significant and relatable to just about everyone. Whether it is that the person you’re with wants another or that you feel like you are holding the other back, its message is that no matter how much it hurts, sometimes you have to let go. This scenario is told through an upbeat, pure country rhythm with great vocals and a very supportive musical arrangement. It catches your attention and you just can’t forget that beat or lyrics in your head. "Hello Heartache" is also receiving regular airplay in Greensboro, North Carolina on station WQFS 90.9FM.

This is the overall flow of this great album. It is full of instrumentals, which add to the fullness of all these great songs. Considered a Country-Crossover album, the compositions and arrangements are pure perfection filled with great catchy sing-a-long tunes that you just can’t shake. This is Katie Perkins – this is Country at its finest.

Katie Perkins won First Place in her age category (now 23 years old) at the USA World Showcase, working with J Chris Griffin, was nominated for Grammy Gig of A Lifetime, and is currently nominated as Country Act of the Year for the 2014 New England Music Awards! [+]
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