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Karl Rubin is a Grammy-Award winning Producer, Composer, and Pianist based in Los Angeles, California​.[3]​ He has worked with some of the most prominent artists in the music industry including Justin Bieber​, Swae Lee​, DRAMLil Yachty​, 6lack​, Kris Wu​, and more.[5]



Rubin is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida​. He started to get into music early, playing drums at the age of 10 and keys when he was 18.[3]​ His biggest influences are Quincy Jones​, Kanye West​, Mike Dean​, Jay Z​, Rick Rubin​, Diddy, and Dr Dre​.[3]​ He moved to Los Angeles, California​ in 2013 to pursue his music career further.[7]


Rubin's biggest break came in 2015 when he earned a writing credit on Justin Bieber's song Where Are Ü Now​ in which he would receive a Grammy.[2][4]​ In June of 2016, he produced DRAM and Lil Yachty's hit song "Broccoli."[10]​ ​In April 2018, was listed as the Composer and Producer for Swae Lee​'s single "Guatemala."[9]



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