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Karim Faris is the general partner at Google Ventures as he focuses on enterprise and E-commerce infrastructure. He joined in 2008 as part of the corporate development team. [3]  He leads GV's investments in enterprise software, data analytics and security. He has over a decade of operational, entrepreneurial and investment experience. [6]



Karim graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer engineering from Brown University. During his time there, he published articles on Neural Networks. He continued his studies and went on to receive his Master of Science in Electrical engineering from the University of Michigan. He then went to get his Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School[2]  


After completing his education, Karim held various product and Marketing roles at Intel, initially on the i486, and later as product manager for the Pentium processor[6]


He served positions in Private equity at Generation Partners and Morgan Stanley[9]



He started his career at Siemens Aktiengesellschaft as a Software Engineer working on the first vehicle navigation system for BMW[9]


Venture Capitalist

Prior to Google, Karim was a Venture capitalist at Atlas Venture, where he worked on investments in Internet infrastructure and Digital media. Previously, he was Director of New Ventures at Level 3 Communications, responsible for evaluating new business opportunities and has led product development for the company's voice services. [2]


Google Ventures

His primary areas of focus include Internet services, mobile and digital media. Karim is a Partner at Google Ventures. He brings over a decade of operational, entrepreneurial and investment experience to his role. He initially joined Google's corporate development team in 2008, the group responsible for the company's acquisitions & strategic investments. His primary areas of focus are Internet services, mobile and digital media. [3]


Board Member
CLK Design Systems
Premise Data Corporation
Egnyte, Inc.
SecurityScorecard, Inc.
Anomali, Inc.
Member of Board of Directors
Mist Systems, Inc. 


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