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Kaia Delaney is a 22-year-old student at the University of Queensland.[1] She is currently taking part in an exchange program at the University of Richmond and had previously studied abroad in Taiwan.[2] Delaney has created several multimedia stories for the community radio station 4ZZZ in Brisbane.[5]


Article Advocating Gun Control

On December 1st, The Hill published a piece online by Delaney titled "What Australia can teach America about guns?"[5] In the article, Delaney points out the number of gun massacres that have taken place in the United States over the past several years and how Gun cultures in the USA makes her feel uncomfortable. [5] She cites Australia's gun buyback program after thePort Arthur massacre as a successful instance of gun control and advocates that the United States should be more open minded to gun control proposals.[5]



Many of the comments on Delaney's article criticized her stance on guns and did not appreciate the foreigner's opinions. Others have pointed out the "white Australia policy" and the country's treatment of refugees to show that now all of Australia's policies are morally acceptable.[2]

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