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K.A. aka Kevin Allen jr is an up and coming recording artist from Columbus Ohio. He has been doin music since april 2008 and has come along way in such a short amount of time. He brings you swagger and lyricism with his music, but most importantly his strong messages always leave u thinking. A very deep thinker is one way to describe K.A. He speaks his mind and Pours his heart and soul into every single song he does. In his words "write music with a purpose and leave the people with something don't just spit just to spit cuz u seen somebody else do it have a purpose and a direction with your music" He originated G.F.L.S. (God's Front Line Soldiers) in 2008 and wants to stress to the world thats it's not just a rap group or just a music movement but is a way of life. He is a soldier for God for life, and strives to play his role in this crazy world to the best of his abilties [+]
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