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Julian Newman whose nickname, "Handles", is a freshman Basketball player for Downey Christian High School. He has been considered a 15 year old prodigy in the sport. [2]


Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, ever since he was child he became fascinated by the game of basketball. [19]  At the age of three, he began to play the game, and since then, he hasn't stopped. [4]


He receives coaching and intense training by his father, James. He also trains with his sister Jaden, who is also a talented basketball player in her own right. [2]


His dream is to under coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team. [4]

Basketball Background

Before he was even a teenager, he was recruited Downey Christian High School after he dominated in his middle school games by scoring 91 points in the third and fourth quarter of a game. At the time of playing with the high school, his initial height was 4'10". [3]


Due to his prodigal kind of skills, he was featured in Sports Illustrated Kids[4]


By the time that Julian began to take the game of basketball serious, his father, James Newman, began training him. Some of the training routines that he receives are advanced and usually done by many professional basketball players such as Steph Curry[5][3]

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