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Julian Emmett Turner is an American​ video game​ enthusiast, collector, and YouTuber​ who shares videos of himself inspecting gaming and tech hardware. [1][2]​ He often video records himself inspecting NES video game cartridges, and on April Fool's​ day 2018, while opening up a cartridge, he found more than just the 8-bit graphics card within. [3]​ When he opened the games he bought at a local flea market, he discovered four plastic bags packed with drugs. [4][5]


Youtube Video
The Youtube in which Julian Turner finds drugs inside of an NES cartridge.

Personal Life

Turner is a native of the state of Georgia​. He has lived in the city of Atlanta​ for several years, and lives in the area of Newnan​. [6][7]



Julian Turner has a degree from West Georgia Technical College​. [8]


Youtube Video
Another find inside an NES game! Don’t get too excited...


Turner is currently a staff member at PetSmart​ as the order filler and Warehouse member. [9]


Video Games​ 

Turner is an avid video game collector for the NES, and has hundreds of rare items and video game cartridges. [10]​ He has shared a number of videos and photographs of himself playing video games and sharing a lot of his rare findings. [11]


Youtube Video
Full call and police response - Audio fixed.


Turner has a youtube channel in which he shares a lot of his findings of rare NES video games. He also explores the ways in which other appliances have flaws and seeks to find the cause of their defects. [12]


NES Drug Cartridge

On April Fool's​ day 2018, after picking out several games while at flew market near his home in the city of Carrollton, he discovered that the games he bought were 50% heavier than normal games. [13]​ Turner decided to video record himself opening up the games titled: Rollergames and Golf[14]


In the video, Turner says before unscrewing the back of Rollergames, “I wonder if somebody smuggled something in here.” As it turns out, Turner clarifies the game is a European version which is unusual to find at a flea market. [15]


As he unscrews the cartridge to reveal what's inside, he finds two squared aluminum baggies inside both games. When he cuts into the baggie to see what's inside, he discovers what several anonymous experts have noted to be Heroin​. [16]


Turner documented himself calling the police to report the discovery. He goes on to record the police officers arriving at his house who claim that the substance that was found is “obviously synthetic”. [17]​ 


A police report indicates that the baggies were filled with a “sandy-glass or crystalline” substance. The Newnan Police Department declined further comment, citing an ongoing investigation. [18]

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