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Jordan Louis Ogletree aka JTreeZ (J-Tree-Zey) is a Christian Rap artist from the North West side of Houston, TX. He is the son of Pastors John & Evelyn Ogletree of First Metropolitan Church, also in Houston, TX. He is the youngest brother of Johnny Ogletree III, Lambreni Waddell, and Joseph Ogletree. Jordan is the proud uncle of 7 nieces and 3 nephews. His top 3 priorities will always be 1) God 2) Family 3) Me. You have to love God, your family, and yourself first to show genuine true love to others.
Jordan followed in his brother Joseph’s footsteps exceling in sports at an early age. Although he had a strong love for art and music in his early years, they were overshadowed by his love for sports. In high school, he recorded in a studio for the first time going to a friend’s house and making songs after school and football practice was over. It was at this point that Jordan first really noticed that he had an unusual talent to rap, creating music that people like. He then began to remix secular song and make them into Christian song for the teen ministry at his church. In spite of early success and support of his music by others, Jordan stayed focusing on his love for sports. He earned a scholarship to play football for Nicholls State University where he obtained his Bachelors and MBA in just five years. He worked really hard in school and was heavily involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Although he dreamed of playing in the NFL, God led him down a different path upon graduating. Jordan moved back to Houston to find a corporate position and pursue his love of music.
Today JTreeZ says music reminds him of events and people in his life, good and bad. He believes that music is a very powerful tool: it can change your emotions, it can educate you, and it can get into your mind without you wanting it to (Have you ever started humming a song that popped up in your mind out of nowhere)? JTreeZ wants to use music, as a method to spread the message of Jesus Christ. He wants to encourage and inspire people to have faith in God and keep pushing through the trails they face in life. “God's given me a musical talent and I'm going to use it to spread His word and help everyone around me. I believe I can relate to people on every type of level. This is my destiny and I believe that there are people in this world who need to hear my music. I know the struggles we face day to day. I'm young but believe me, I’ve just about seen and been through it all. The image that most rappers create and the lifestyles they glorify and sell to people are not authentic. They glorify all of these negative aspects of life and tell people “that is the way life is.” I want to address some of the same things they talk about but speak the truth about it. I want to tell what living that type of lifestyle has done to humanity. I also want to talk about other more important topics that most people can truly relate to. Not the fantasy life, but the reality of struggles as well as joys of life that we experience every day. With God’s grace and favor I’m going to use music put a positive message in the lives of people. I know I will do great things with God on my side and I look forward to seeing where all he wants to take me. In Christ there is liberty and salvation and I pray people find that in my music!” –JTreeZ-
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