JStuStudios simply known as JStu is an American web-based sketch comedy duo consisting of Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites, their main YouTube channel has videos featuring hidden-cameras of pranks and comedy social interactions. As of October 14, 2016 they have 1.3 million subscribers with more than 191 million views. Their second channel named MoreJStu where they release additional footage from their main videos additionally post vlogs, have more than 166 million views with 1.5 million subscribers. Their gaming channel named GoofSquadGaming additionally has more than 1.7 million views.

Justin Stuart

Justin Stuart was born on June 5, 1993 in Colorado Springs, he engaged to his high school girlfriend Brittany Nichole in 2013 using a flash mob proposal and married her in 2015. Stuart has his high school diploma from The Classical Academy who was graduated in 2011 and used to be a football player. Stuart additionally has a sister named Hannah.

Andrew Scites

Andrew Scites was born on August 14, 1991 in Colorado Springs, he's married to Mary Janelle Allison after 2015, his high school girlfriend. Scites has graduated from Liberty High School in 2009. Scites used to be a track and field athlete in high school. He additionally has a brother named Aaron who has been showing up in the most of JStuStudios vlogs.


Stuart started their channel in 2011, featuring Jacob Leggett. In 2013, Leggett left JStuStudios and became a football player.

JStuStudios has collaborated with additional notable YouTubers such as Stuart Edge, Jack Vale, Dawson Gurley, DJ Sennett and Cody Strong.

"Squeaky Shoes at the Dog Park"

Stuart and Scites partnered with Jack Vale and went to a dog park while wearing squeaky shoes and got all dogs following them and started pranking the dogs, the video was released on February 18, 2015.

"Hoverboard Slugging!"

When hoverboards recently being more used by people, Stuart and Scites filmed a prank video where they were riding hoverboards on their arms and dragging their feets on the ground, the video was released on February 24, 2016.